Understanding sperm motility, its causes and treatment
Understanding sperm motility, its causes and treatment

Understanding sperm motility, its causes and treatment

The health of the sperm is an essential factor that helps couples to conceive fast. Basically, if you talk about healthy sperm, it will take into account the shape, volume, motility, acrosome reaction, ability to pass, and many more things.

These days a lot of women are unable to conceive. Around 12% of couples all over the world are affected by infertility. And in most of these cases, women are unable to conceive due to their partner’s male reproductive system.

However, sperm motility is one of the significant factors due to which women cannot conceive. For better understanding, sperm motility is the capability of the sperm to move very effectively in the body.

Sperm motility is of two types:-

  1. Progressive motility

It is the motility in which the sperm moves straight in a line.

  1. Non-progressive motility

It refers to the sperm that doesn’t travel in a straight line in the body.


If a woman wants to conceive, then the sperm has to travel at 25 micrometers a second right from the cervical mucus to fertilize the egg of the woman.

Causes of low motility

There is no exact cause of low motility. This means every case is different, and many instances of men and women are even unexplained. Overall, we can say that some of the men have a genetic cause, and other men have various undiagnosed medical conditions.

Apart from that, if the testicles of an individual are damaged, it will undoubtedly impact the quality of the sperm. Because of the proper functioning and production of sperm, testicles play an essential role.

Some of the significant causes of testicle damage are:-

  • Injury on the testicle
  • Some sort of infection
  • Surgery of testicle
  • Cancer
  • An undescended testicle, etc


Sperm motility diagnosis

Low sperm motility treatment is done via testing sperm motility in a routine check-up called semen analysis. It is one of the basic and no standard doubt tests which help men with fertility issues. In this test, the formation of sperm and how the sperm interact with seminal fluid are checked.

Moreover, for the test, the men have to offer two semen samples.

For the accurate result, the sample is kept at room temperature. After that, it is offered to the facility after 30 to 60 minutes. If the sperm is 40% motile, then you have low sperm motility.

Moreover, the doctor also tests various other things through this test like: –

  • Ejaculation
  • Various accessory organs
  • The overall health of the male genital tract

How to improve sperm motility?

Well, many lifestyle changes help men to increase sperm motility and help in the low sperm motility treatment. Like: –

  1. Do regular exercise
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Try to maintain a healthy weight
  4. Limit cell phone exposure
  5. Try to manage stress
  6. Try to avoid more heat
  7. Talk to the doctor regarding which medication you can take
  8. Lastly, avoid heavy pesticides, toxins, metals, etc.

Apart from that, there are various supplements that help in improving sperm motility such as Furosap.

How Furasap plus helps to increase sperm motility?

Furosap is an all-natural supplement that helps in maintaining healthy testosterone levels and hence increases sperm motility in men. Because of its natural formulation, it doesn’t have any known side effects. Moreover, the individual will be able to enjoy healthy sexual life and experience enhanced energy in the body.







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