Avoid these ten things to gain muscle mass
Avoid these ten things to gain muscle mass

Poor planning and unnecessary efforts can never deliver results you’ve ever wished for. Even though you’re doing extensive hard-work, still the probabilities of the desired outcome are relatively minimal, especially if you’ve just started going to the gym a few months back.

Perhaps, the trainer told you that it would take time, but they never disclose that it may take an entire year for a moderate body transformation. That’s why most beginners often think about leaving the gym because results aren’t appealing. To not repeat this fad, bear a few things in mind if you genuinely want to see the transformation in your body.

If you’ve also set a goal to gain muscle mass within a few months, then it’ll be much better if instead of just healthy food, you consume some knowledge first. Because muscles building isn’t about doing exercises and eating the right food, indeed it’s more about things you need to avoid from right now, because they’re becoming an obstacle in your journey to becoming a strong man, from lean to muscular!  So what are these things? Let’s find out.

Extensive Cardio

Sometimes more willingness can put you into big trouble because your efforts reach the extreme level that later leads to a harmful effect on your body. Excessive cardio exercise isn’t the best way to go with it. According to some sources, it can burn your muscles instead of making you look muscular. That’s why, alongside cardio exercises at a moderate level, prepare a diet plan, and eat accordingly to bulk up your muscles.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol intake affects muscle build-up negatively. Most importantly, if you do alcohol consumption in excessive amount, you’ll fail to lose fat.


Overtraining is the most misunderstood thing. Most of the gym-freaks become used to overtraining, which leads to emotional changes, internal injuries, muscle soreness, poor performance, etc. So avoid it.

Not drinking enough ‘water.’

Try to avoid this habit entirely if you’re also used to drinking less water. The two-third of the human’s body water is found in muscles. Even protein and water leads to muscle cells build up in your body; it directly means that enhanced water intake can help you to gain more muscles. On average, you should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. If possible, then drink more.

Not Giving Time to Body Recovery

In between the training sessions, don’t forget to give rest to your body. After hard workout sessions, your body takes time to recover. So the best practice is to initiate an intense workout, ensuring your body doesn’t feel too much tired or fatigued.

Not Adding Calorie Enriched Food

Most of beginners start their journey of muscle building with a myth that protein will provide them the desired figure. Protein consumption indeed racks up muscles. But instead of putting extensive efforts solely in the gym, consider adding calories to your diet, e.g., try adding milk, eggs, beans, yogurt etc. in your diet as much as you can.

Not feeling confident

If you don’t feel confident about yourself, keep focusing without worrying about anything. Your track record will be the confidence booster. Consider it and elevate your mood, raise confidence level and boost stamina to perform best during hard gym sessions.

Poor Planning and Lack of Accountability

It’s another primary reason why most of the newbies fail to achieve their goal, and ultimately they end up quitting their journey. However, if you’re determined, then you’ll move along with every essential step required to build a muscular body. On the other hand, right from the beginning if you’re moving on with poor planning, then results will never be favorable.

You Don’t Track Progress.

Keep a track record of your progress, how much muscle you’ve gained. Notice how much stronger you feel inside. You recently performed sets and reps; everything must be mentioned and deeply analyzed in your checklist. This information helps you in becoming more robust.

Not Investing On The Right Supplement

Ultimately, the most important thing is the supplement. Yes, it’s the primary source to provide you with a well-built muscular body. But more than supplement intake, it’s essential that you first consider choosing a reliable product for muscle gain that promises zero side-effects, boosts testosterone level, and improves immunity instead of negatively affecting organs. That’s why in our research, we’ve found Furosap to be the most promising product because it’s clinically evaluated and patented and appreciated by thousands of customers. It also has no known side effects.











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