10 causes of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
10 causes of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
ED refers to erectile dysfunction that happens in males. It is an inability to keep an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse and is also called as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is really a cause of concern because it can affect self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction can affect your relationship also. There may be several physical and physiological reasons which cause erectile dysfunction out of which some are going to be discuss here. Depression  Depression can reduce sexual desire and leads to ED. The drugs used to treat depression can also affect the erection and also cause a delay in orgasm. Stress and anxiety Stress can affect the functioning of different body parts, including the penis in males. Also can suppress the penis erection. Prolonged stress can cause erectile dysfunction, which can persist for a long time. Prolonged medication Continuous medication can also cause erectile dysfunction. Some of the most common medicinal drugs that can cause ED are- antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, pain killers, etc. Regular intake of these drugs may affect penis erection. Along with these medicinal drugs, there are some other drugs also which can cause ED, which is- amphetamines, acetyl-morphine, cocaine, etc. Obesity  A reduction in testosterone hormone is found in males suffering from obesity. This hormone plays an important role in achieving an erection during sexual intercourse. Obesity affects the flow of blood in the blood vessels in the penis which results in erectile dysfunction. Heavy alcohol consumption Heavy alcohol consumption can also affect achieving an erection during sex. Regular intake of alcohol creates an imbalance in the secretion of testosterone hormone which in turn causes ED. Clogged blood vessels  If a person is facing erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse, then clogged blood vessels may be another reason for ED. The blood vessels sometimes get clogged due to plaque formation in them. It reduces the blood flow, which creates a disturbance during an erection. Anger  It is difficult to achieve an erection when a person is in an angry mood. Unexpressed anger affects the functioning of sexual hormones which raise the condition of erectile dysfunction. Metabolic syndrome Metabolic syndrome is a condition which involves a rise in the level of insulin in the blood, deposition of fat around the waist, high cholesterol, etc. It can also affect penis erection and cause ED Peyronie’s disease  The development of dead or scar tissues inside the penis is called Peyronie’s disease. The scar tissue in the penis interferes with the penis erection. Tobacco consumption Tobacco consumption restricts the blood flow into the blood vessels. Prolonged use of tobacco causes chronic diseases that lead to ED Sleeping sickness Disturbance in the sleep and wake cycle due to stress, anxiety, or any other condition can cause sleeping sickness that may lead to erectile dysfunction. These are the ten main reasons for ED in males. Erectile dysfunction can also affect relationships, create embarrassment, lead to unsatisfied sexual life and a lot more. It is a cause of great concern in males. Furosap Plus is an aid for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Furosap Plus is a blend of natural ingredients including Trigonella Foenum-Graecum and Curculigo Orchioides. It improves blood circulation, maintains body immunity, increases the production of testosterone hormone, and also increases the functioning of the adrenal gland that helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. Helps in dealing with the problem of ED. It is clinically evaluate for safety and efficacy.  
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