PCOS Symptoms

Can pcos go away


can pcos go away

Around 1 in 10 women at their childbearing age start facing PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)- a health-related problem. However, in most instances, it’s a common problem, but ignoring it may later trigger bigger problems in a woman’s life as it may lead to hormone imbalance. Simultaneously, that becomes the reason for irregular menstrual cycles in women. 

can pcos go away

Moreover, it also contributes to excessive hair growth on the face and other body parts. Besides, it also influences a woman’s behaviors and mood. Over time, it can bring loads of difficulties for them. It’s a stressful problem. Hence, you might be trying to get the answer for ‘Can PCOS go away with time?’ if PCOS has just hit you in your life. Do you want the answer? If so, then let’s start tracing the explanations behind PCOS and discover the solution.

What causes PCOS?

The evident reason behind PCOS is still not clear. PCOS can be caused due to various reasons like- genetics, lifestyle, environment, and behavior play a leading role here. But, it’s also true that the risk associated with PCOS can stay long or maybe forever.  

What are the outcomes of undiagnosed or untreated PCOS? 

Assuming mild or unrelated symptoms, most of the time, women never pay special attention to PCOS. But if this problem has recently hit in your life even if the symptoms aren’t so severe, then don’t take it lightly. 

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Obesity 
  • Depression
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver 

These kinds of problems may stem from undiagnosed PCOS. 

Should I ignore PCOS?

Surely “NOT,” you shouldn’t ignore PCOS with the expectation that it may go away with time. Loads of people have a myth in their mind that PCOS goes away over time. But it isn’t an absolute truth.

can pcos go awayFew measures may prove effective to feel better and decrease its symptoms. Loads of organic products in the market with their proven benefits may deliver tremendous results.

Myths related to PCOS

can pcos go away


  1. Myth: Menopause-Women with PCOS at the time of menopause may start having regular menstrual cycles. But you must remember that PCOS never influences with age, so it never goes away over time. Hence, if you’re expecting that it will go away with menopause, it is a false notion, and you shouldn’t trust it.
  2. Myth: Weight loss– Moreover, women also believe that reducing weight may eliminate PCOS problems from their life. However, it’s possible to mitigate its risk factors, but it is probably difficult to say that it’ll provide relief. Losing weight is undoubtedly the best way to maintain health and balance hormonal levels, but for treating PCOS, you need something extra.
  3. Myth: Birth control– Most of the women also try birth control pills with the assumption that it might rid them of PCOS. But doing all such things without any expert’s supervision is undoubtedly going to put you into big trouble. You shouldn’t play with your health. If you love your life, go with the clinically evaluated products.

The product that provides you relief from PCOS

If the PCOS problem is also creating loads of issues for you, and you want to live your life like before but unable to do so, then try Furocyst– a clinically proven product. The fenugreek seeds’ power in this product makes it a dominant product over other contemporaries available in the market. 

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