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15 ways to lose weight after 40

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Once men and women hit 40 on their age scale, it’s a very common thing to hear them saying, ‘I am now 40 years above and have been arduously suffering from the heavy weight problem’. Indeed, this is one of the greatest reasons for hypertension or stress among the age group of 40 above. That is why we are going to check out some great ways of weight loss.  

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1) Sufficient Sleep

Lisa Jubilee, a doctor and founder of Living Proof NYC says that during the first stage of your life, your body produces enough human growth hormone in your bloodstream during the sleep. But after the age of 40 or mid 30’s the capacity of making HGH decreases. That is why you need to get enough sleep to maintain your weight.

2) Hit the Yoga Mat

It doesn’t matter how old you are or weak you are- if you want to improve your health, maintain your stamina, rejuvenate your strength, detox your body and if you want to be disease-free then hit the yoga mat daily. Yoga is the most ancient technique of body fitness.

3) Eat Organic

Pure and organic food is the greatest treasure of a healthy life. Today, people now increasingly prefer junk food, which is the main reason for obesity. Good and healthy organic food not only improves your health, but helps you in weight loss too.

4) The exercise that needs to be changed

When you reach the age of 40, your body gradually starts to mitigate the process of metabolism, says Leah Kaufman, founder of Just for Today. That is why you need to change your exercise pattern to get back your metabolism process.

5) Make your food Chart

It is very important to structuralize your daily routine of eating. Because at the age of 40 or above, you need to maintain your diet as your body gradually decreases the power of digestion.  

6) Make a schedule and lace up your shoes

Health experts say you need to strive very hard to maintain or keep your body fit after the age of 40. That is why it is good for you if you make a schedule and lace up your shoes for the intensive workouts.  

7) Need to control your desires

We know it is very hard to control your habit of eating and stop swallowing your desirous food. But, as discussed earlier that after a particular age, your body needs natural and light food.

 8) Pull Yourself

This is one of the greatest ways of indulging your body in high intensive work out because it immensely enhances your body strength and stamina and also helps you in losing more calories.

9) Stay Active

It is yet another important way of getting fit and remaining healthy. After the age of 40, your body automatically adopts the hormone changes and slow metabolic process. In this situation, your body acquires more fat.

10) Take up swimming

This is one of the greatest examples of aerobic exercises. Swimming gives massive strength and stamina which you require mostly after the age of 40. And it thoroughly helps you in weight loss.

11) Detox Your Liver

It is also very essential to detox your liver and your body for the betterment of the healthy body function. For this, you can cut down extra consumption of sugar and fatty acids.

12) Eat More Protein

Consumption of more protein in your body helps you to mitigate your excess body fat because protein-based food makes your digestive system healthier.

14) Eat Vegetables First

Organic food and vegetables have fewer calories and are based on nature. That is why you can eat them without any stress of getting fat.

15) Weight Training

Intensive weight training is the most popular and trending ways of fat mitigation. But in this particular workout, you need to be very cautious because any error leads to high injury risk.


So, these are the top 15 ways through which you can easily cut down your body fat without any chances of error. But if you want to take additional aid to expedite the process of weight loss and boost up your metabolism, then you should choose Grecobe. This green coffee will help you cut down the sugar from your body, and sugar is one of the sole reasons of high weight.