Symptoms, signs and prevention for Diabetic Coma.
Symptoms, signs and prevention for Diabetic Coma.

DIABETIC COMA is a kind of emergency situation where diabetic becomes unconscious and the cause for this is due to very high or very low glucose levels.

There are number of causes for this and the main reason among them is Diabetes Ketoacidosis and other causes for that are hypoglycemia , severe dehydration and hypoglycemia.

The symptoms and signs of diabetic coma:

1. Increased – a) appetite
b) urination
c) sedation
d) thirst
e) weakness

2. Weight Loss.

3. Poor wound healing.

4. Nausea and vomiting.

5. Sight is impaired.

6. Shallow breathing which is rapid.

Preventive measures :

1. You must have regular checkups in regarding the sugar levels

2. Take medications and food in correct timings.

3. Have regular exercises.

4. Carry a glucose packet or a chocolate along with you.

Note: If the sugar levels and ketone bodies are at high levels then immediately consult the doctor for treatment.

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