Stick to your diet even when dining out
Stick to your diet even when dining out

There are many diets around the world. Choosing the one that is right for you is a difficult task but once you have zeroed in on one diet ,then the most important thing is to commit to it. Following a diet and sticking to it is what is important for it to be successful. Once you have committed to the one diet, you should be stubborn enough to follow it through for best results.

Following a diet does not mean that you should stop going out and socialize.Having a strict regime should not confine you to a cocoon.

It is a myth that healthy food is not tasty. It can be tasty if you orde r for the right food. Also,it depends on your mental resolve for a healthier lifestyle. If you are committed to a healthy  lifestyle you will learn to enjoy your food and eat to satisfy your stomach, not your mind. When you eat something just because it looks good that is a red signal. That makes you eat


when you are actually not hungry. Also, such foods are often loaded with fat or sugar. There are a few simple things you need to do so that you can stick to your diet even when you go out for dinner.

Always be prepared

Whatever you do you should always be a little prepared. If you are going for an adventure  sport, you always check if the place you are going to is safe. You read a bit of feedback and reviews of the place. Well, even when dieting you need to follow the same thing. Check out the menu and see what the restaurant you are going to has to offer. In this way, you know exactly what you need to order before you reach the restaurant and have your friends all over you saying that you need to chill.
Try not to order any soft beverages or other drinks as they contain a lot of sugar, but instead you can call into the restaurant beforehand to check if they have green coffee available. It gives you a better metabolism and also helps in burning both fat and sugar. I, personally recommend Grecobe as I found it to be surprisingly effective.

Snack before you head out

It is always better to have a little but wholesome and healthy snack before you head out for a dinner party with your friends. This helps in preventing the chances of over-eating. If you are famished by the time you reach the restaurant you are bound to stuff yourself unnecessarily.
Having a wholesome snack like a bowl of muesli/oats or fruits can help you to keep better control when you reach the restaurant. You must have something especially if your socializing is going to include alcoholic drinks. It is always better to have alcohol on a non- empty stomach.

Avoid the frills with food

There is food and then there is food with extra something which I like to call frills. These are extra cream or sauce or anything that comes in additionally with the plate of food you are ordering. If your dish comes with sides ask if you can exchange them for something else. Like for example, there are fries accompanying a dish you can ask if they can replace them with roasted veggies. Generally, restaurants are ready to oblige.
It is even better to confirm this with the restaurant in advance when you look up their menu. That way they are also aware of your needs and are prepared to accommodate them when you arrive.

Choose what you drink wisely

Water is the best option when it comes to having something to drink. But you can wish for something more exciting especially when everyone around you is having a strong drink. If you are on a diet where you are totally off alcohol you can go for sparkling water for a little zing. The other healthy and a different option you have is green coffee. It will help with your weight loss along with substituting as a refreshing drink. You can also check with the restaurant prior to leaving for lunch/dinner if they serve Grecobe’s Green Coffee. This will make sure you are not tempted to go for something else when you reach the restaurant.

Check the preparation method

How the meal is prepared is as important as what you choose to eat. Having a salad is also not healthy if it has a rich dressing. You should try to avoid dressing if you order a salad or at least ask for it at the side.

It is recommended that the food you consume is either roasted, grilled or steamed. You can also go for something that is poached.

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