Some Common Myths Related to Diabetes
Some Common Myths Related to Diabetes

Diabetes is a common problem these days. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they build a thought in mind that they are restricted from eating sugar for a lifetime. They often have a misconception that they need to shift to a distasteful life to keep them healthy.

But these all are merely myths, and it’s challenging to know what is right and what is wrong. The Internet is full of information about diabetes that is claimed to be directly from healthcare professionals. However, not all the facts mentioned there are true.

So, let us understand some of the myths which people believe about diabetes.

Some Common Myths About Diabetes


Diabetic People Can’t Eat Sugar

The first common myth about diabetes that we all believe is that people with diabetes have to cut down sugar for their whole lives. They need to eat a sugar-free diet and munch on sugar-free foods.

However, this is just a myth because diabetic people still need to eat a balanced diet that includes sugar too, to maintain good health. People can consume moderate sugar by monitoring their diabetes.

Diabetes Affects Only Fatty People

Another myth about Type 2 diabetes is that overweight people have diabetes. The people suffering from obesity are at a higher risk of diabetes, but that doesn’t mean diabetes can occur to fat people only.

According to research, 20% of people who have diabetes have healthy body weight or are even underweight too. So, it’s just a myth that fat people have diabetes. However, the fact is that anyone can have diabetes.


Diabetic People Have to Eat Diabetic Food Only

Another myth about diabetes is that people with diabetes have to eat diabetic food only. They need to cut down their sugars, alcohol, sweeteners, and eat a healthier diet.

However, the fact is that diabetic food can also affect the blood sugar level and is often expensive than regular food. People can eat a healthier diet and don’t need to eat diabetic food.

Diabetic People Get Ill Faster

Now, this is another common myth about diabetes. Diabetic people are more likely to catch a common cold, fever, and other diseases. However, this is not true because the diabetic people’s illness is only relating to the blood sugar level, but that doesn’t mean that they catch other diseases faster.

Diabetes doesn’t affect the rate of catching other diseases.

Type 2 Diabetes is Mild

Another common myth about diabetes is that the Type 2 form of diabetes is mild, but this is not true. No form of diabetes is mild. If you don’t manage or regulate your diabetes, then it can affect your health seriously.

It’s a prolonged disease and causes health complications too. To control diabetes, people have to follow the prescription given by their physician and maintain their health and a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetic People Lose Their Eyesight

This might be true, but not really because people who are not managing their diabetes may be prone to lose their eyesight. However, if they manage their weight and blood glucose level, they are generally not at risk.


Diabetes is one of the common diseases in which the level of blood sugar rises. However, these are some common myths related to diabetes that a person must need to be familiar with.

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