Raise & Retain you Testosterone levels- The Essence of Being a Man
Raise & Retain you Testosterone levels- The Essence of Being a Man

Testosterone is far more than the material of the alpha male’s boasting. Apart from fueling sex drive and muscle mass, levels of the hormone are connected with language and congnitive abilities too. Testosterone flucatuates according to age and circumstances, often dipping at the start of parenthood and increasing(for some) during moments of victory and excitement.

Studies have shown that in the present times, men all across the globe has about 20 % less testosterone than what men of the same age did just about two decades ago. That’s a massive dip! So if you ever feel that men today don’t have the same agility or virility as your grandpa did, they don’t look and act as masculine as the robust men you see in black and white photographs, it’s not just in your head. It’s because the levels of testosterone flowing through the veins of today’s males aren’t ample anymore.

So how can one raise and retain their testosterone levels? And is it normal for the testosterone to dip? The slow drop in testosterone is a natural process and is called “Andropause”. But various lifestyle diseases, liver or kidney related problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pituitary gland problem and testicle injuries can also decrease the level of testosterone. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and steroid medicines also have an adverse effect on the same. This condition is called “Hypogonadism”. 

A dip in testosterone can also be caused due to our modern lifestyles. Unhealthy diet, inactivity, increased weight, stress, anxiety, irregular sleeping patterns, etc. are also contributors to decreased testosterone levels. It has been propounded that environmental toxins and pollution are also playing a big role. Many modern everyday products and foods contain chemicals that raise your levels of estrogen, and decrease your testosterone.

Though this condition doesn’t create many problems in most men, some do face irritable moods, poor concentration, drop in libido and decreased energy. Thinner muscles, loss of body hair, smaller & softer testicles and larger breasts are visible physical changes amongst men with low testosterone. Some men face serious problems like depression, osteoporosis or anemia. With the drop in this hormone, sperm count of a male drops too, thereby making it difficult for him to father a child. Poor testosterone levels also affect some less “flashy,” but equivalently important aspects like bone density, levels of red blood cells and a sense of overall well-being.

Common symptoms of low testosterone are lower sex drive, low sperm count, loss of body hair and weakened muscles.

Testosterone is usually measured with a blood test done early in the morning, when its levels are the highest. Normal levels range from 300 to 1,000 ng/dl, depending on the age group that you fall into. Therefore, while determining what’s considered a normal testosterone level, it’s advisable to look at the reference range for men your age. So if you’re 30, comparing yourself to an 80-year-old man won’t be wise because they are likely to have really low testosterone levels. Some doctors get this test done twice before diagnosing low testosterone.

If a patient has low testosterone and the symptoms impact his life, there are some clinically evaluated and patented dietary supplements available in the market to increase the count to a happy level. Monitoring your diet and exercise is also a valuable mode to increase your testosterone levels. A concoction of the three methods, supplements, diet and exercise will help balance out the testosterone levels, and will keep the issue of low testosterone and the problems associated with it at bay. 

CHEMFORCE is a natural and promising dietary supplement comprising Furosap (U.S. Patented & clinically proven ingredient) & another proprietary ingredient Alpha Yohimbine (Rauwolscine), known as an aphrodisiac. It helps in improving athletic performance and mood boosting.

CHEMFORCE helps to:

Ø  Improve sperm quality & quantity

Ø  Enhance Libido – An essence of being a man

Ø  Improve mood & mental alertness

Ø  Enhance reflex erection

Ø  Improve free testosterone levels

Ø  Improve overall performance

 The statement and product have not been evaluated by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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