Pre-Diabetics: Ditch the diabetes Or Have a family history of Diabetes? You may be Pre-Diabetic!
Pre-Diabetics: Ditch the diabetes Or Have a family history of Diabetes? You may be Pre-Diabetic!



Diabetes in India has reached an endemic stage with about 62 million people suffering with this debilitating disease. This often chronic and deadly disease is fast spreading its tentacles and is expected to affect over 100 million people in India by 2030.

While a lot has been spoken about Diabetes, Pre-diabetes is an area which has not got required attention. According to a report of “The Hindu” – “There were an estimated 77.2 million pre-diabetics in India in 2014 (

Pre-diabetes condition, the blood sugar level of a person falls in the range of 100-125 in the fasting plasma glucose test. If you have a family history of Diabetes, your chances of developing diabetes are quite high unless you make some important changes in your lifestyle.

While weight control, regular exercise and other lifestyle interventions can be the saviors; nutrition plays a significant role in delaying the incidence of Diabetes.

Load up on less starchy food, vegetables, whole grains, and high- fiber and protein rich food. You can ditch the diabetes with the use of nutraceuticals extracted from fenugreek seeds, which are a rich source of Fiber along with other active ingredients, effective in diabetes control.

FENFUROTM is first of its kind nutraceutical derived from fenugreek seeds through a patented process. Through this unique scientific process, FENFUROTM concentrates the bioactive part of plants into a manageable dose, while removing the inert parts such as cellulose. FenfuroTM corrects Insulin Resistance and normalizes Hyperinsulinemia, the two main factors which are responsible for progression of Diabetes. Therefore if these two factors are corrected, progression is prevented in pre-diabetes. FenfuroTM has no side effects too. So if you are a Pre-Diabetic, you can safely use Fenfuro to avoid the debilitating disease- Diabetes. 


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