Testosterone, the steroid hormone from the androgen group, is often referred to as the MALE HORMONE.  It plays an important role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testis and prostrate and is also responsible for the development of the male sex characteristics such as deep voice, growth of body hair, increased muscle and bone mass.  Decrease in the testosterone levels can lead to a medical condition known as HYPOGONADISM. (CAUSES OF LOW TESTOSTERONE)

 Following are the natural ways to boost Testosterone:

1.REGULAR EXERCISE AND WORKOUT: Exercising can help mange various health ailments. Strength training is highly recommended to maintain testosterone levels. Muscle building with intense exercise can simultaneously increase the testosterone levels. Exercise also helps in reducing stress, hence increasing the production of testosterone. Biking, stair climbing, swimming and jogging are good cardiovascular exercises, which should be included in the plan.

2.KEEP A CHECK ON WEIGHT: Excessive body weight can lead to various health ailments like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and increase in cholesterol levels which can result in lowering the testosterone levels. Research says that a man loses 7% of his testosterone production with an increase of about 10 pounds body weight. With an abnormal 4 point increase in the body mass index of a person, he loses about 10 years of testosterone in his body. It has been proved that keeping a check on obesity/weight gain and reducing excess weight can help increase the testosterone levels.

3.EAT RIGHT AND AVOID SUGAR: Sugar increases the insulin levels in the body, which results in the reduction in the testosterone production. Eating healthy and right food is the best and easiest way to boost testosterone levels. Egg yolk, red meat, yoghurt, olives, coconut oil, almonds are some ingredients that must be added to the diet. Whereas one must eliminate sugar, carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners.

4.INTAKE OF ZINC and PROTEIN: 40mg of zinc per day is recommended to boost the testosterone levels. Less consumption of zinc can lead to decrease in the production of testosterone.  Red meat, nuts, beans, and dairy products are good sources of zinc and when consumed can lead positive results. Increase in protein intake also results in increasing the testosterone levels and muscle building, which further leads to boosting the testosterone production.

  1. KEEP A CHECK ON ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: A study showed that those who consume regular amount of alcohol thrice a week had 7% less testosterone production when compared to their counterparts who do not consume alcohol. Quitting alcohol can do wonders to manhood.
  2. SLEEP WELL and KEEP STRESS AT BAY: 7-8 hours of sleep is required for healthy body and mind. A disturbed sleep pattern can lead to hormonal imbalance that can further affect the testosterone levels. Stress leads to cortisol surge in the body to affect testosterone production. Both physical and mental stress can lead to lower testosterone. 
  3. VITAMIN D: Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. Testosterone production increases by 120% when exposed to sunlight for 15-20 mins. 

Also, regular intake of a dietary supplement like CHEMFORCE helps in boosting the testosterone levels. CHEMFORCE is a natural and promising dietary supplement comprising Furosap (U.S. Patented & clinically proven ingredient) & another proprietary ingredient Alpha Yohimbine (Rauwolscine), a known aphrodisiac. It helps in improving athletic performance and mood boosting. 

CHEMFORCE helps to:

1.Improve sperm quality & quantity

2.Enhance Libido – Essence of being a man

3.Improve mood & mental alertness

4.Enhance reflex erection

5.Improve free testosterone levels

6.Improve overall performance

The statement and product have not been evaluated by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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