Managing facial hair with PCOS
Managing facial hair with PCOS
Managing facial hair with PCOS

Unwanted body and facial hair or hirsutism is a nightmare for every woman. PCOS has a number of complex symptoms like excess weight gain, infertility, and acne. But unwanted facial hair with PCOS changes the game as these are completely visible. No woman wants them on her face, but unfortunately, hirsutism is a general symptom related to PCOS skin problems.

Some patients have encountered that thick hair starts growing on their chin just around the jawline. Women who are suffering from hirsutism have reported that they are very dissatisfied with their current appearance, so many of them become obsessive with hair removal practices that are ruining the facial skin.

Removing this unwanted facial hair from PCOS takes up a lot of time and is expensive, while the pain and other stresses come additionally with it. To help you out, this article covers some best treatments for PCOS.

How are hirsutism and PCOS connected?

Hormonal imbalance is responsible for PCOS and results in the production of excess androgens. Hirsutism is one of the side effects caused by PCOS.  A primary reason behind PCOS is the body resistance to insulin, as the excess insulin produced is not consumed by the body and result in the growth of facial hair with PCOS.

Possible treatments for Hirsutism

Hair never stops growing unless they are treated from the root. There are a plethora of strategies that can assist you in dealing with PCOS and facial hair. You can opt for these as per your lifestyle and doctor’s prescription. Without a proper consultation from the doctor, you will be just firing in the air and your efforts will go in vain.

Change your diet

The right type of diet can help you in reversing the insulin resistance of the body and lastly reduced the hormonal imbalance. Some things you need to keep in mind before changing your diet are:

  • Eat gut-friendly foods in your diet
  • Try to eat healthy fats like coconut oil, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, extra-virgin oil, and grass-fed butter.
  • Stay away from processed and refined foods.
  • Fiber-rich foods say lean proteins and fruits are beneficial

Lead a natural life

Along with the diet changes, you can shift your focus on some natural ways that can help you with better estrogen levels. A study has claimed that consuming a mug of spearing tea can actually help women who are suffering from PCOS.  This study was only carried out for 30 days in order to sustain the benefits you need to maintain a continuum and should drink spearmint tea regularly.

You might have heard some people use fenugreek for hirsutism; this is true that fenugreek seeds can cure hirsutism. You can start consuming fenugreek seeds by multiple modes like including them in your diet and drinking fenugreek water.

The best and long lasting way to treat PCOS is dietary changes and you cannot rely on medications for the longest time. A healthy diet will not only cure hirsutism, but it also improves your overall health.

Professional hair treatments can help

There are some cases where home remedies are not enough and there’s not enough time to follow a remedy. However, these treatments can be painful and expensive while there are fair chances that hair growth will be triggered.

Some of the most common hair removal practices are:

  • Laser treatments

A bean of light is exposed on the hair follicle and can remove it from the root. Laser treatment lasts longer than home remedies, but there are very exorbitant.

  • Electrolysis

If you want to a permanent solution then you should consider electrolysis treatment. In this process, the hair follicle is damaged, which in return helps the patient to get rid of excess hair.

Final Words

If you are not convinced to get exposed to laser or spend an expensive amount on these treatments, then you can choose to shave, wax or use epilators. Using these methods, you can reduce excessive hair in a short period of time.

Always keep in mind that these are not a permanent cure for PCOS. The hair will start growing again as per the natural cycle, so you need to follow the process again.

Most of the women suffering from facial hair with PCOS have disclosed that they don’t feel to opt for laser treatments as it can harm them in multiple ways. One of the safest ways to get rid of PCOS and unwanted facial hairs is Furocyst. Furocyst is known to help women by managing hormones responsible like Facial Hair with PCOS.  These tablets are totally vegetarian and are manufactured by organic extracts. You can buy a pack of Furocyst tablets from in order to tackle your facial hair like never before.









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