Kids born to gestational diabetic moms – suffer from language development problems
Kids born to gestational diabetic moms – suffer from language development problems

It’s Quite true, children born to mothers diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy have high risks of language delay. Although there are many factors that contribute to poor development of vocabulary and grammar skills, this reason happens to be the most important driving force.

A recent study conducted by a team of experts from Université Laval’s School of Psychology demonstrated that pregnant related diabetes increases the risk about twice.

Researchers compared the vocabulary and grammar skills of 221 children whose mothers were diagnosed with gestational diabetes to those of 2,612 children from a control group. These tests were conducted at different intervals between ages 18 months and 7 years.

Results showed that children born to mothers with gestational diabetes achieve poorer scores on tests of spoken vocabulary and grammar than children of healthy mothers.

However, this trouble is not inevitable. Children born to highly educated mothers are less vulnerable. genes or environment may be responsible for this.

Future moms must try to prevent this diabetes. Age is a vital factor. So is obesity. With the increase in number of obese women, the curve of gestational diabetes is slowly going up. If you want a healthy kid with no complications cut down your weight, please.

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