It’s No Yolk
It’s No Yolk

“Recent findings from a long-term research project by Harvard Medical Shcool links egg consumption with increased risk for Type 2 diabetes. Subjects who ate an average of one egg per day were 58 to 77 percent more likely to develop the disease than those who do not consume chicken ova.  The study of 57,000 adults found that the high cholesterol content in eggs raises blood sugar and insulin levels, leaving those with a genetic dispostion to diabetes at greater risk for developing the disorder.  However, the results also suggest that any foods high in cholesterol are likely to promote the development of diabetes, and researchers recommend that those at risk for the disease limit cholesterol in their diets.  While all animal products are high in cholesterol, plant foods are naturally cholesterol-free.  Research done by Dr. John McDougall and others indicates that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and reversed with a vegan diet.”

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