How to Reduce Prostate Size
Reduce Prostate Size
How to Reduce Prostate Size


How to Reduce Prostate Size


After returning from work, every man sleeps like a stone. But, what about when he has to run to the bathroom very frequently? It is undoubtedly one of the annoying trips. And you have to believe that this is the first sign of an enlarged prostate.

The prostate will get large when cells in this abnormality divide and multiply. It makes the organ enhance its size. This type of issue is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Because of this, individuals get irritated, frustrated, uncomfortable, and most essentially face urinary and sexual problems.

Overall, this issue can decrease the quality of life. But some people think that it is a severe problem. However, BPH is not that serious a health threat which cannot be diagnosed.


Symptoms of prostate issue:

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The seriousness of the signs in the individuals who are suffering from Enlarged Prostate varies. But if they are not diagnosed on time, it may worsen the issue. 

Reduce Prostate Size

Recognize the symptoms of an enlarged prostate

  • Recurrent urination
  • Dribbling of urine continues 
  • Emergency to urinate
  • The flow of urine becomes week
  • Finds very difficult to start urination
  • The person feels that there is an incomplete bladder emptying


Less common symptoms: –

  • A person fails to urinate
  • Infection in the urinary tract
  • Sometimes blood in the urine


What is the cause of the Enlarged Prostate?


The gland of the prostate is located beneath the bladder. There is a tube that helps the urine to transport from the bladder out from the penis which passes through the justify of the prostate. However, the enlargement of prostate blocks the flow of urine. In this case, you can try Prosman if you have trouble urinating.

Most of the men ignore the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and they continue their life as it is. Due to this, various other diseases can occur which may be more dangerous than an enlarged prostate.

Till now, it is not clear what the main reason behind the enlargement of the prostate is. According to some experts, it may be due to changes in the sex hormones of the men as they start growing old.

Risk factors in an enlarged prostate

1. Due to aging

How to Reduce Prostate Size

A person who is under the age of 40 years cannot face the enlarged prostate issue. Around 1/3 of the men suffer from enlarged prostate from moderate to severe by the age of 60 years and the other half around the age of 80 years.


2. Family history

If anybody in your family like father or brother is facing this issue, then you are likely to face it.


3. Diabetes or heart problem

How to Reduce Prostate Size


A latest study shows that if men are suffering from diabetes or heart issues, and also using meta-blockers, then this surges the risk of BPH.

4. Lifestyle factor

If a person is obese, then he is likely to have BPH problem. Regular exercise can decrease this issue.

How is enlarged prostate treated?

There are mainly three types of treatments which men can take to reduce the enlarged prostate: –

  1. Factors related to lifestyle
  2. Medication
  3. Surgery


There are several tests which are done to show that your prostate is enlarged. The doctor or nurse will look after the tests results and past medical history to examine which treatment can suit you. They will thoroughly explain the varied options of treatment and tell which is the best one for you.

Whatever treatment you choose, you have to come for regular check-ups with your GP. As the treatment proceeds, the doctors may repeat some tests to examine if there is any improvement or not. In case there is no improvement or the treatment is causing side-effects, then you have to try another medication.

Let’s put some light on the various treatments of enlarged prostate: –

  1. Making Lifestyle changes

How to Reduce Prostate Size | Prosman prostate

If you know that your prostate is enlarged but it isn’t causing any issues, then ignoring might worsen the issue.

In this case, you can change your lifestyle by the following methods: –

  • Reduce the amount of Caffeine, alcohol, and soda you consume on a daily basis 
  • Drink less liquid in the 2 hours before bed- keep in mind not to drink excess drink in the late evening before going to bed. But, make sure that you drink enough water during the day
  • Eat fiber-rich food to encourage regularity– eating high fiber food will help you to avoid constipation
  • Try the double voiding technique to empty your bladder fully– when you go to the washroom to urinate, wait for some time and then try to pee again. 
  • Consult your doctor about the side-effects of your current medication– ask the expert about the medication which you were taking in the past, since it can worsen the symptoms of an enlarged prostate
  • Try to maintain your weight
  • You can use absorbent pads or any type of urinary sheat

2. Medications

 Prosman prostate -reduce prostate size

In case the various lifestyle changes are not able to control the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, then your doctor will offer some kind of drugs to reduce the enlarged prostate.

They can be: –

  • Alpha-blockers
  • 5-alpha reductase inhibitors

You can also consider the option of natural supplements. Prosman is one such supplement for managing BPH and its symptoms. It is a clinically evaluated and patented product without any known side effects. 

3. Surgery

The last option is surgery when the symptoms don’t improve with any of the above things. There are varied types of surgery done on the enlarged prostate to reduce prostate size.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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