Recent health studies indicate Indians are at greater risk of suffering from blood sugar than any other group in the world. It is predicted that by 2025 India will have more than 60 million diabetic patients. In other words, one in five diabetic patients in the world will be an Indian.

It is likely a combination of our food, lifestyle and genetics. Physical inactivity and the consumption of fatty, high-caloric and sugary foods vastly increase the risk of becoming a diabetic. The unfortunate reality is blood sugar is extremely prevalent in Indian lifestyle. Research proves that making a few key changes to the diet, such as eating more produce, fewer refined carbohydrates, plenty of lean protein, and more “good” fat—helps improve blood-sugar control and cuts the risk of blood sugar related complications.

Indian kitchen has many ingredients which are effective in controlling blood sugar:

Bitter gourd (Karela) can be helpful for controlling blood sugar due to its blood glucose lowering effects. It tends to influence the glucose metabolism all over the body rather than a particular organ or tissue. It helps increase pancreatic insulin secretion and prevents insulin resistance. Thus, bitter gourd is beneficial for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Fenugreek (Methi) is an herb that is highly effective in controlling blood sugar and improves glucose tolerance and lowers blood sugar levels due to its hypoglycemic activity. Being high in fiber, it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars.

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FENFURO is a first of its kind, safe nutraceutical derived from fenugreek seeds through a patented process.  Through its unique and patented scientific process, FENFURO concentrates the bio-active part of plants into a manageable dose, while removing the inert parts such as cellulose. Also, since a lot of healthy botanicals are not palatable, consuming their concentrate in capsule form in small dosage is a lot easier. FENFURO contains a rich variety of saponins and flavonoids. These substances are known to lower blood lipid level and help in insulin sensitization and glucose regulation. FENFURO is the first dual action insulin sensitizer.

A clinical evaluation of FENFURO was carried out on a total of 154 Type 2 diabetics for a period of 3 months, to determine its efficacy and safety. At the end of three months 83% of the patients reported decrease in fasting sugar levels and 89% patients reported decrease in PP sugar levels. The patients also showed a significant decrease in HbA1C levels as compared to respective baseline value. 48.8% of the patients reported reduction in dosage of anti-diabetic therapy after regularly taking FENFURO.

Powdered cinnamon (dalcheeni) has the ability to lower blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin activity. It contains bio-active components that can help prevent and fight blood sugar.

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Black plum or Jambul, also known as jamun can help a lot in controlling blood sugar level because it contains anthocyanins, ellagic acid, hydrolysable tannins etc.

Apart from including the above mentioned ingredients in diet one should make healthier food choices by including whole grains, oats, channa atta, millets and high fiber fruits and vegetables in the meals. Also, pulses with husk and sprouts are a healthy option and should be part of the diet. Milk is the right combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Two servings of milk in a daily diet is a good option. Good fats such as Omega-3 and monounsaturated fats (MUFA) should be consumed as they are good for the body. Natural sources for these are canola oil, flax seed oil, fatty fish and nuts. These are also low in cholesterol and are trans fat free.

Living with blood sugar can be a blessing in disguise if one learns to make healthiest food choices and follows an active lifestyle.

 The statement and product have not been evaluated by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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