Food that Lower Blood Sugar
Food that Lower Blood Sugar

High blood glucose levels cause a condition called diabetes or high blood sugar. Ignoring the condition can seriously affect the functioning of the body. If the glucose level reached alarming levels, they will immediately attack the function and integrity of vital organs such as the eyes, heart, brain kidneys, etc.. On the other hand, very low blood sugar levels can cause hypoglycemia and coma. The risk of death can occur if not treated promptly.

Monitoring of eating habits along with the drug played a important role in the control of diabetes. People with diabetes do not always have to be starved of sugar-rich foods. In fact, some amount of sugar is very important to keep our cells and tissues function.Glucose acts as energy booster and is required for the activity of every cell in the body.

Eating food should be at the right time in a very systematic manner will help in controlling blood sugar levels. irregular eating habits will cause damage to the body’s metabolism.

Consuming fruits and raw vegetables as needed. These foods are rich in fiber, a constituent that helps in slow and controlled release of sugar into the bloodstream. It is advisable to avoid highly refined foods such as white flour, bakery items that are naturally rich in sugar, concentrated sugar fruits like banana, mango, etc..

After eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat flour, wheat bran and rice along with protein-rich food is the perfect recipe to keep blood sugar. Chicken and fish are good sources of protein. Vitamin C rich fruits like oranges, lemons, etc. are also useful.

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