Essential screening tests every woman needs
Essential screening tests every woman needs

Health habits are very essential for every human being and especially for women. Regular exercise, strict diets and stress management can help a great deal for women. But for women, it is also beneficiary to add some essential scheduled health screening tests in their habits too.

Health screening at regular intervals can really help you to detect potential health problems at an early stage. Many women saved their lives by getting a daily check screening at a very early stage.

There are some essential health screenings, which are recommended for every woman of a certain age. We have listed some of them below:

  • Blood glucose test

Once you cross 45, it’s better to check blood sugar levels every three years. The test helps you to investigate an early sign of diabetes or prediabetes. Especially if it runs in your genes, then it is highly recommended to make it a must.

  • Body measurement Index

Obesity is a very common disease amongst young girls and it’s very important for them to keep monitoring their weight and check their BMI level every month to keep obesity at bay.

  • Mammograms test

It’s a screening especially done to detect any trace of breast cancer in women. In this, both breasts are pressed between the plates for capturing an x-ray image. It is highly recommended for women above 40 and especially if you have a family history of breast cancer.

  • Cholesterol Checkup

A risk of getting a heart stroke is getting common after 20, so it’s very necessary to get your cholesterol levels checked every year. By that, you can monitor your cholesterol and if any sign of a problem is seen, you can have an early control.

  • Dental Check-up

Well, a regular dental check-up is recommended for everyone. Any decay or cavity in your teeth can really lead up to some serious dental problems. So it’s better to make sure you get an appointment with your dentist every month.

  • Blood pressure test

If you have observed that mostly your blood pressure is high or low than the normal, then it’s necessary for you to get it checked every other week. Fluctuations in blood pressure can lead to some serious health problems like a brain stroke or weight loss. So it’s recommended to keep it monitored and in control.

  • Eye check-up and Glaucoma test

Our eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body and demand extra protection too. After a certain age, they start getting weak and can develop problems like glaucoma, which can cause blindness. It’s very essential for every woman to get a baseline eye check-up once in a while to check any possibility of an eye disorder.


Well, prevention is the key for a healthy life and early diagnose and treatment can really help you out. These were some essential health screening tests, which are recommended for every woman to ensure their healthy and happy future and to live a risk-free life.





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