Eat to Beat Obesity
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Eat to Beat Obesity

Often it is speculated that for losing chubbiness eating less is the ultimate solution. However, this hardly consists of any truth. Though obesity is growing into a perennial problem for people across the globe, saying complete no to food will hardly help.

Do you know, it is possible to beat flab without curbing your hunger and yet losing weight in a proper way? Furthermore, curbing food completely can trigger long-term health issues along with gaining more bulk. So, here comes the question, how do we beat obesity? Thus, here we offer you 4 seemingly easy ways and food that assist in keeping a tab on your weight.

  1. Whole fruits for adding healthy calories

Calories is a must for the smooth working of the system. It helps in normal functioning by rendering energy for carrying out daily errands. The crux of losing flab is balanced eating rather than going long hours without having anything thus restraining self from gaining necessary nutrients. Moreover, it is not merely what you eat that matters, but also how you eat that aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

The food that tops the list and is often consumed in the wrong way are Fruits. They are considered extremely beneficial for the body. Having wholesome berries and nuts aids in rendering the body with the necessary nourishment. Turning them into juice is the most common mistake committed by people. Fruit juices especially the canned ones or readymade ones, lack the necessary nutrients in them. Additionally, they are a deficit of natural enzymes which is found in surplus in wholesome nuts.

Tip: Having wholesome fruit like banana helps in keeping you full and curbs you from overeating. Other fruits that aid in weight loss include watermelons, apples, citrus, almonds, walnuts, etc.

  1. Green Coffee

Coffee aids in boosting our energy levels. However, once the affect recedes, it hikes the levels of cortisol in the blood (stress hormone), further leading to anxiety and depression. This rarely helps in reducing bulkiness. In its comparison, Green coffee made out of unripe beans not only helps in keep one energized for long hours but also in losing the extra amount of fats in a healthy way.

Products of this coffee like Grecobe and many more have become the latest craze among fitness experts. These contain important nutrients and chemicals such as chlorogenic acid, anti-oxidants that help losing body mass through fastened metabolism, burning sugar as well as unhealthy toxins in a systematic manner.

How does this Coffee stimulate cutting out body mass?

It consists of many inbuilt natural chemicals that assist in burning all the extra mass. One of the reasons for putting on extra pounds is related to the slowing down of metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which the mass is converted into energy. A reduced speed will eventually cause reduced absorption of glucose in the bloodstream.

They contain an inbuilt chemical called Chlorogenic Acid. These aid in inhibiting absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. As less amount of sugar is released into the blood, there is a fewer amount of fats build-in the body.


  1. Green Tea

Another important drink that is listed among the top diets helping in fighting obesity is Green tea. These contain anti-oxidants and lipids aiding in bringing natural glow on the face, reducing hunger grabs and causing moderate indulgence on an excess of unwanted junk. As this tea is devoid of milk, it leaves less room for an excess of sugar from getting into the blood-stream. They comprise of flavonoids, and a certain amount of caffeine helping in elevating metabolic rate, increasing insulin activity through the increase in oxidation of fats. As per research, drinking milk-free or black-tea not only helps in reducing excessive calories, having three to five cups in a day reaps many health benefits such as fighting diabetes, cancer, and other heart diseases.

  1. Vegetable juices and raw salad

Similar to fruits, vegetables are also known to have very good health benefits especially in reducing chubbiness. Having vegetables raw as salads and juice keeps one full. This restricts one from eating more thus fastening metabolism.

However, just like fruits, it is necessary not to have vegetable juices available on cans and bottles that are already prepared. Consumption of green vegetables, prepared in olive oil and fewer trans-fats is highly beneficial in reducing weight-related issues.

A well-built diet is the best way of maintaining a lifestyle free of disease and other issues. However, in order for getting best results and fitting back yet again in old your jeans, donning a svelte physique is possible by perfectly combining exercise with proper intake of good nutritious cuisines in moderation along with avoidance of indulging on junk food.

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