Diabetic patient does not become blind at a time, as the sugar level increases, it affects the body organs and dullness comes.

Eyes becomes so weak that diabetic patients face problems while watching TV or driving vehicles and becomes reason for blindness.

If due to any circumstances it is not possible for the timely and routine checkups, in that situation if any problem in eyes occurs patient should immediately concern doctor.

In order to prevent blindness person should concern the doctor and use eye drops regularly with the increase in age.

Regular eye exercise also helps in preventing blindness. There are two types of exercises, one- focusing on one object, second- through a machine which is done through doctors.

Person having weak eyes or muscles are so weak , so never neglect, in that case diabetic patient should take extra care of their eyes and should go for proper treatment by consulting doctor.

If doctor advice for spectacles, do not ignore it because of shame or any other reasons, it is required to use the spectacles as per the number instructed by doctor. They should take out of the mind that once they start wearing spectacles it will be for life time, lens can also be used.

Wash the eyes properly with cold water 4-5 times in a day.


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