Diabetes in Summers
Diabetes in Summers
What has the weather got to do with Diabetes control? seems an obvious question. Summer season has different implications in different parts of the world.. There are many factors which influence the management of Diabetes in this period of time.



In the Colder countries summers bring plenty of fruits and vegetables which are highly recommended for Diabetics, Green leafy vegetables, fresh berries, available in plenty and  good for diabetics. Vegetables , specially salads have almost zero calories, they can be had as much as desired, help increase HDL ( the ‘Good Cholesterol’) and keep sugar down as they are of Low Glycemic Index and would decrease the absorption of foods consumed with them.


In most of the Indian subcontinent (except the north which may have climate similar to the western countries) A lot of refreshing drinks are consumed during the summers. Care must be taken to avoid Sugarcane juice – which is very popular in North India, as well as other sugar containing beverages and aerated drinks like the popular Colas, lemon, mango and fruit drinks. ‘Chach’ or buttermilk is one of the best thirst quenching drinks for diabetics in the scorching hot weather, lemonade should be taken either with salt and masala or with sugar substitutes .
Generally appetite is decreased in the hot weather which goes in favour of Diabetes control.


This season also causes a lot of diseases related to Gastrointestinal system like Diarrhea, vomiting – leading to loss of water and salts from the body. Children are more prone to such diseases. These may complicate into Diabetic Ketoacidosis if not treated promptly, remember sometimes even Diabetics on Oral medicines may have to be given insulin injections to prevent such complications.
Uncontrolled Diabetes may predispose to the frequent infections of stomach and throat which are prevalent in summers.
Dehydration specially due to Stomach infections frequently causes hypoglycemia as people do not tolerate food and liquids Oral rehydration solutions are helpful.
Plenty of water is lost due to sweating and evaporation- Drink adequate water and prevent dehydration.
Some FAQs :
Is the usual ORS Solution recommended for Diabetics?
In case of Dehydration – The same ORS solution may be recommended  as all the essential salts together with glucose are lost with body fluids-.
Are fresh fruit juices good for diabetics?
Fresh fruits would be preferable to Fresh fruit juices, but freshly made fruit juices are not bad for consumption in Diabetics.
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