Can BPH be cured?
Can BPH be cured?

BPH or Benign Prostate Enlargement is the most prevalent medical term, describing a condition related to men’s health. In short, BPH refers to an enlarged prostate in men that negatively impacts their personal life.

Owing to this condition, a man may encounter difficulty in urinating, erection, and lots of emotional issues in his life. It can spoil their marital life as well and beyond doubt, one day, most of the men have to accept this most unwanted thing as a part of their life.

Many men, once they age over 50, start worrying about an enlarged prostate. But enlarged prostate isn’t the only reason behind their worry; indeed, the other issues associated with BPH are more stressful, and the Prostate Cancer Development is one of them. That’s why before the solution runs out of hands; a person should start caring about it as soon as possible.

What causes BPH?

Wrapped around the urethra below the bladder, the prostate gland is a walnut-shaped structure found between the rectum and pubic bone. Age is the primary factor that leads to BPH. As a man grows older, the bladder muscles start to bulk up, which causes difficulty in urination.

The prostate grows larger as the man ages, and the urethra is also squeezed more tightly. Owing to this issue, a person may later encounter more life-threatening problems, such as kidney damage, bladder damage, and bladder stones (sources). In most instances, a person seeks a painful medical emergency that costs huge.


Treatment for BPH

When it comes to BPH, so yes, some medications and surgery are available to cure BPH. Men with enlarged prostate are often recommended to opt for surgery as the first-line option. Still, for a few men, these solutions never remain the favorable option because the complications are high in addition to the solution. For instance, if you’re also encountering these symptoms of BPH-

  1. Weak urine flow
  2. Leaking of urine
  3. The urge of urinating because bladder feels not fully emptying
  4. Dribbling of urine
  5. More frequent urination
  6. Strong and sudden willing to urinate
  7. Blood in urine
  8. Pain while urine or erection problem

If you’re facing these symptoms or related issues, then you can consult a doctor for a solution. With tiny cuts and some instruments, the operation for BPH is possible. They insert a small tube into your bladder, and after some time, you get relief from this problem to some extent. But the likelihood of risks associated with surgeries is exceptionally high. These solutions can later trigger side effects because of the lack of knowledge, and technological expertise.

So what’s the best solution?

The best solution to manage BPH is early precautions. Still, if you’re a little late, then don’t worry! Try Prosman- a natural, plant-based product made up of active constituents like Prunus Domestica Extract, which has high-anti-inflammatory effects.

Also, through ursolic and oleanolic acids, Prosman’s power is enhanced thanks to their rich anti-edema properties, which block the cholesterol accumulation in the prostate.  If you dislike the options of painful surgeries, then start taking this clinically evaluated and patented product from right now. It has no known side effects.





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