British Medical Journal Warns of The Dangers of Detox
British Medical Journal Warns of The Dangers of Detox

The arrival of the New Year means that many adults across the world will make New Year’s Resolutions in order to inspire them to make lifestyle changes in 2017. Each year, for example, one in three Americans will make a resolution to better themselves in some way, although approximately 75% of these resolutions will be abandoned or fail. The most popular New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight and living a more healthy lifestyle, which is why many adults choose to begin the New Year with a detox programme, in order to rid their bodies of all the excess toxins they have accumulated throughout the holiday season. However the British Medical Journal are now warning of the dangers of restrictive herbal detox, highlighting several cases where the dietary restrictions imposed by many detox programmes had led to seizures, hospitalization, and long term health problems. This is often as a result of dangerously low levels of sodium in the body caused by the detox restrictions, according to BBC news. The severely restrictive nature of many extreme detox programmes means that The British Dietetic Association does not encourage people to begin herbal detox programmes.

Natural Herbal Weight loss Alternatives

7The good news is, there is a better route to weight loss than through intensive (and now potentially dangerous) long term detoxification. Within our highly regarded range of supplements and nutraceuticals, we offer Furoslim Irvingia Gabonensis, which is a leptin regulator designed to counterbalance leptin resistance (which plays a major role in the development of obesity) Individuals who are resistant to leptin find it difficult to lose weight, which is why using a herbal supplement such as this one to stimulate the production of the leptin chemical can speed up the metabolism and prove to be a very useful weight loss tool. Of course it is important to acknowledge that there is no magic weight loss solution (either herbal or medical) that can work in isolation, and taking Furoslim works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, but when you choose to take this kind of weight loss supplement, you will see that your weight loss takes place on a significantly improved timescale, which should provide the motivation you need to stick with your programme. We recommend that individuals who choose to take Furoslim commit to doing so for a period of 10 weeks, in order for their Leptin sensitivity to develop and other lifestyle changes to begin having an impact.

Alternative Detoxification Programmes

If you are still keen to begin your new year with a detoxification programme then why not instead opt for a holistic detox, where the focus is on drinking more water (between 8-10 glasses a day) and removing processed and unhealthy foods from your diet, replacing them with nutrient rich fruits and vegetables instead. A holistic detox is a much more gentle concept where the focus is on improving your lifestyle without the assistance of herbs or any additional medical intervention. Individuals undergoing a holistic detox programme do so from the comfort of their own home, and replace their formerly unhealthy dietary choices with a range of rich vegetables such as cilantro, spinach, beets and other green leafy vegetables: these can either be eaten raw, lightly steamed, or blended to create a nutrient rich smoothie that really packs a punch. Provided that you do not place any extreme restrictions on your diet, and that your detoxification does not last more than seven days, there are no real health dangers associated with opting for a holistic detox, although many dietitians would suggest that simply changing your diet, living a healthier lifestyle and exercising more in the long term would be a better way to stimulate weight loss.


Obesity is a dangerous health condition that can have a negative long term overall impact on your health: obesity can lead to heart disease, increase your likelihood of developing certain types of cancer, lead to the development of diabetes, and cause long term joint and muscle pain. If you are struggling to control your weight then any small steps you can take to begin your weight loss journey (whether that is to walk more, detox your diet or take a weight loss supplement) are likely to be positive for your long term health. Why not start your path towards improved health today?

Post written by Anne Creswell

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