Are you choosing the right health supplement? Follow this advice before buying.
Are you choosing the right health supplement? Follow this advice before buying.

You might go to your local pharmacy or retail store to buy the dietary supplements to be healthy and you must have hundreds of different options of the same. The current market system is high in claims, but low in nutritional value, how can you possibly choose a brand of health supplement when there are 20 others just like it on the shelf? Here are some dos & don’ts which you should consider to make a more relevant decision while buying a supplement.


1. Consult medical practitioner

1Certain products have the power to lower your risk for disease, increase your energy, aid in weight loss, boost your mental capacity and may help cut back on your annual trips to the doctor but there are some supplements which may interact with your prescribed medication. So before start taking any supplement, ensure to consult your healthcare practitioner so you are able to judge which supplements are best for your health.


2. Choose certified product

Product certification can help you to bring peace of mind about the safety & quality of the supplement. More the certification, better the quality of product.


3.Read the label thoroughly


“Stick to the label. Not all but most of the time, hopefully, the label itself should be following the current guidelines to some extent in terms of what’s recommended, Companies are at risk if they suggest you take way more or less than what is safe or healthy.”

Supplements label must include the application of the product, quantity of contents, directions for use, supplement facts, amount and active ingredients; and the name  of manufacturer or distributor details.

Read the label carefully and honestly, that’s a great place to start 

4.Compare the Active Component

When picking out a particular brand, take two of the same type off of the shelf. Turn the bottles around and compare the percentage of certain active compound in each & also check whether the product or ingredient is clinically proven or not. Depending on your concern, this is one of the best ways to choose the right supplement for you. The breakdown of nutrient within the product is more important than the brand itself when choosing a supplement that is fit for your needs

Doing a comparison like this will not only save you money, but it will also give you peace of mind that you’re taking home an effective product.


5.Follow the recommended dose4

Always try to follow the daily recommended dosage as mentioned on the label to get the efficacious results & if you are taking multiple supplements, then check thoroughly & ensure not to exceed the recommended daily ingredient dose.




1.Dont buy nearby expiration date supplements5

It is highly recommended not to use the expired or expiration date close to the purchase date as that supplements can lose their potency, rendering them worthless.

2.Dont replace supplements with your healthy diet or exercise

Supplements are not a solution for an unhealthy lifestyle or a solution for your medical problems. Supplements meaning is in its own name —they supplement or enhance your health instead of replacing the traditional methods of staying healthy.

3.Don’t trust the catchy phrases7

Many supplements claim to be “100% natural,” the phrase “100% natural” is not an official term as per the regulation & it doesn’t mean any guarantee for the product’s safety. Also, beware of phrases such as “pharmaceutical strength” because there is no such things for over-the-counter supplements.


Health supplements have become very popular as consumers are more conscious for the healthier lives. Looking for certified & clinically proven supplements takes the presumption out of choosing a safe & effective product that contains only what’s on the label. These tips can help you make a more appropriate choice to find the best supplement.

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