10 Things Only a Diabetic would understand
10 Things Only a Diabetic would understand
  1. You have a space in your home dedicated to diabetes supplies

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  1. Being high means something completely different to you.

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  1. You can calculate insulin on board, carb factors, insulin to carb ratio without hesitation.

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  1. Everyone wants to know why you use a pager.

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  1. You have cases of juice boxes stashed in your house but they aren’t for the apocalypse.

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  1. The pharmacist is a contact in your phone and you both know each other by name.

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  1. Your fridge has never seen a stick of butter. The compartment is used for storing insulin.

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      8. You’re constantly offered sugar-free food that’s full of carbohydrates.

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  1. You click on articles that claim to help you improve glucose levels, only to find an article about prevention. Image 9
  2. You’ve been offered countless diabetes home remedies from friends and relatives. Seriously, why do people do this?

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