10 myths about health and nutrition
10 myths about health and nutrition

There is no doubt that we all are living our life on certain myths; myths, which are simple to identify but we are still following them. That is why we are here to tell you about some basic facts related to your health and nutrition. It is necessary to understand the facts of our daily life that we are happily living on. As somehow these myths are going to harm us.

So, here is the combined list of myths with facts related to our health and nutrition, and we are also going to thoroughly understand the logic of these myths.

1)Myth: Take 8 glasses of water per day for a healthier life

This is one of the most conventional and old age mantras of human society. Certainly, drinking more water will keep your body hydrated but water is not the only way to keep the level of hydration in your body. Other ingredients like fruits, juice, vegetables and also coffee have the power to full-fill the requirement of your body.

And this is scientifically proven that there is no need to consume 8 glasses water per day. You need to only drink it when you feel thirsty.

2)Myth: Spicy food can be the cause of stomach ulcers

The inexorable fact is that stomach ulcer is the repercussions of infections, which occurs because of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. So, this is another most proliferated myth among the people. Though, if you are suffering from stomach ulcers, then you must avoid fast and spicy foods.

3)Myth: Stay warm to avoid cold

Yet another greatest myths of all time! Certainly, you have heard this point from your grandparents or your parents. But the truth is that there is no need to stay warm just to avoid the cold phenomenon. You get cold in the winters or rainy seasons just because of virus and bacteria. Cold season allows the bacteria to keep their presence for a long time in the air. That is why we get easily infected by cold in winters.

4)Myth: Take detox diet to keep your body healthier

Many people think (especially the younger generation) that detox diets are the best way to detox the body effectively. But the truth is that this is completely wrong. Because research says that there is no need for detoxification because our human body is well capable enough to do that by own.

5) Myth: More intake of sugar can cause diabetes

Yes, it is a very devastating myth and especially for diabetes patients. But the fact is that more consumption or intake of sugar can only lead to weight increase. Though, a higher weight may lead to the type 2 diabetes but to say more sugar consumption or limiting the sugar in your diet can save you from diabetes- this also would be the greatest myth.

6) Myth: Salt is bad for your health

People who are suffering from salt-sensitive hypertension can surely get benefit from a salt reduction. But for normal people, there is no need for salt reduction from their meals.

7) Myth: Intake of meal at regular intervals may boost metabolism

With this type of food consumption, your digestion may raise your metabolism rate but in terms of high boost up with interval meal, it is not going to suit you well.

8) Myth: Protein after a workout

It does not matter when you are taking the protein because it solely depends on the overall consumption of protein throughout the day. However, the consumption of protein after workout or exercise slightly benefits you, but not in a drastic way.

9) Myth: Slim is the synonym of a healthier body

This is one of the popular myths of the 21st century. But the fact is that do not measure your fitness or healthiness on the parameters of body size. Because if you have a fat body and you are doing your workouts and exercises effectively, then there is no need to worry.

10) Myth: Dairy products are unhealthy

Dairy products are the most important for our health because, through the consumption of milk and butter, our body takes protein and calcium, which strengthens the joint and bones.


So, these are various types of myths and facts related to our health and nutrition. And after discussing all these points, the aphorism says that if you want to follow something, then you must study about that before making the assumptions.


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