10 ingredients for blood sugar management support
10 ingredients for blood sugar management support

The disease of blood sugar is also popularly pronounced as diabetes. And according to the recent report of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it has been proven that blood sugar is one of the common diseases around the globe. That is why numerous health experts and doctors are working on the cure for blood sugar in every possible way.
And because of this we are here discuss and check out the top ingredients through which one can control the symptoms and manage the blood sugar.
Ingredients and foods for blood sugar management support

1) Polyphenols

According to a published article in Journal of nutritional science- “By consuming a rich amount of Polyphenols, one can easily manage his diabetes or blood sugar and also mitigate the obesity problem. And you can have this ingredient in the form of beverages, extracts and foods”.

2) Chromium

This is one of the most popular and useful ingredients in terms of blood sugar management. According to the journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics, “the chromium ingredient is drastically favourable for a blood sugar patient because it improves the blood glucose, triglycerides and HDL-C levels”.

3) Fenugreek












Yet another important name on the list of blood sugar management is fenugreek seed extract. A report which was published in the Nutrition Journal in 2014 says that a “higher intake of fenugreek ingredient may mitigate the fast creation of blood glucose in a disease like diabetes. And this ingredient is very convenient in terms of cost”.

4) Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)

Amla is considered as the most beneficial and useful ingredient for managing the blood sugar level. According to the published report of the International Journal of food science and nutrition, “the inclusion of Phyllanthus emblica in your meal drastically mitigates your blood sugar level within 21 days”.

5) Turmeric

This is one of the most essential and popular ingredients among people. Turmeric contains curcumin. It is a substance, which very effectively prevents your pancreas from producing excessive blood sugar, and keeps them healthier. It also prevents the prediabetes from converting into it type 2 diabetes.

6) Almonds

It is yet another great name through which you can control and balance your blood sugar level. These crunchy almonds are full of magnesium, which is very popularly known for its insulin work in the human body. A higher intake of almonds drastically increases the chances of blood sugar cure and manages your sugar level.

7) Beans

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking pinto beans, kidney, lentils, garbanzo or black, these beans show a drastic effect on blood sugar disease. A recent study says that daily intake of beans may reduce the HBA1C. We are saying this because the beans are considered as a low glycemic index food.

8) Blueberries

Recent research says that the consumption of blueberries can be the reason for improved insulin work in your body. Basically, the blueberries contain valuable compounds that help your body in the reduction of heart diseases and blood sugar too. These also are a great treasure of vitamin C and antioxidants for your body.

9) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the most valuable meal for you if you are suffering from diseases like blood sugar or a heart problem. These are incredibly valuable because oats come under the low glycemic index foods like other fruits.

10) Green Coffee

A recent report says that  Green Coffee has anticancer and antioxidant elements. And these are very beneficial in terms of managing the blood sugar level. The daily consumption of  Green Coffee will give better results in insulin resistance and also in managing sugar levels.

So, these are some beneficial ingredients and foods for blood sugar management. And if you want to take some other route of cure with medication, then choose the Fenfuro brand. Fenfuro capsules are highly effective and also certified by the FSSAI. This product will help you to maintain the glucose level in your body. It is clinically evaluated as well as patented.

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