Why does iron deficiency create fatigue?
Why does iron deficiency create fatigue?
Millions of women experience fatigue on a consistent basis. For many of these women, an iron deficiency could be the reason why they are always so tired. In fact, fatigue is the most common symptom of this deficiency. Some other symptoms include a lack of energy, dark circles under the eyes, shortness of breath, heart racing, increased infections, or a decrease in appetite. On average, a woman intakes about 8-10 milligrams a day. However, 15 milligrams are recommended for optimal health, and 30 milligrams are recommended for those women who are pregnant. In order to get more iron into your diet, red and organ meats are the highest sources, as well as greens; there are also supplements on the market that can help. Fatigue from iron deficiencies is created by the need of the body to create hemoglobin, which is a component of the red blood cells. Hemoglobin is essential for oxygen to be distributed throughout your body. The fatigue you feel is caused by the low amounts of hemoglobin, leading to a reduction of oxygen within the body. This low oxygen level will leave you feeling tired, exhausted, and all around awful. So if you have been experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, talk to your doctor today and see if you have an iron deficiency. Functioning with these symptoms can be nearly impossible, so get some help today and start feeling better in no time.
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