Why are Indians more prone to Diabetes and what should we watch for ??
Why are Indians more prone to Diabetes and what should we watch for ??

Yes indeed indians are more prone to Diabetes than Europeans or africans. The reason perhaps lies in our genes.
The ‘thrifty genes hypothesis’ which has gained considerable popularity mentions that in ancient times human race lived through the alternating times of famine and abundance- specially in our subcontinent. During the times of abundance body would store energy to survive droughts & famines – these stores are by the way of fats.
But in the modern era – food supply is abundant while physical work and more over hardships of famine are completely gone.
Our body still keeps on storing energy ( fat deposits) without subsequent utilizations, this leads to rise in blood lipids ( fats), damage to pancreas due to excessive glucose and fats in blood, excessive insulin requirements- insulin resistance, damage to blood vessels, formation of atheroscler otic plaques and its complications like Heart attack, stroke etc.
Important thing to watch for is Intra Abdominal deposition of fat. This is more harmful than subcutaneous fat deposits. But it can be used as a measure to predict the possiblity of Diabetes and insulin resistance.

  • in males the maximum abdominal girth should be less than 100 cms
  • in Females less than 87.5 cms

It may be easier to understand pear or apple shaped body, apple shaped body with largest abdominal girth predisposes to higher intra abdominal fat and its complications.

Abdominal girth should be measured as the maximum circumfrence of the abdomen near the umblicus.

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