Use FENFURO and Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes after Pregnancy

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Currently, one in twenty pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes and the risks to women and their children post-delivery are greater than most understand. What is gestational diabetes and how is it caused? Can it be prevented and treated?

From lowering cholesterol to aiding digestion, Fenugreek is a popular home remedy providing a treatment for a number of ailments. In particular, Fenugreek extract has shown to protect people from developing type 2 diabetes, including women with a history of gestational diabetes. FENFURO, a supplement made from Fenugreek extract, is making it easy for women to reap the benefits and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.  

This article will tell you what you need to know about gestational diabetes and the power of home remedies.

 The Disorder

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops only in pregnant women. This means that your blood glucose or blood sugar is too high. While your body uses glucose for energy, too much in your blood is harmful to both you and your baby.

The disorder is commonly diagnosed during late pregnancy however, if you receive a diagnosis of gestational diabetes early in your pregnancy, you likely already had diabetes before you were pregnant. Receiving treatment immediately is essential for you and your baby to stay healthy. Taking action right away to control your blood glucose level will protect your baby from the risks associated with gestational diabetes.  

The Causes

Pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes when their bodies cannot make enough insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas. Insulin helps the body use glucose for energy and controls blood glucose levels.

Pregnancy causes the production of more hormones and other bodily changes such as weight gain. These changes can cause the body’s cells to use insulin less efficiently, a condition called insulin resistance. This disorder increases the body’s need for insulin and, if your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin, you will develop gestational diabetes.

The Risks

The risks of gestational diabetes can include hypoglycemia after birth, respiratory distress syndrome, jaundice, death and macrosomia, a condition where the baby is born with a larger than normal body which can make delivery more dangerous.

Your baby will also be more likely to become overweight and develop Type 2 diabetes later in life.

For women who developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy, the chances of having high blood pressure, preeclampsia, c-section and developing Type 2 diabetes are potential risks.

Fenugreek for Better Health after Delivery  

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Fenugreek is an herb derived from Ukraine, India, China and the Mediterranean region. The ripe, dry seeds found in fenugreek contain protein, vitamins, niacin, potassium, and disogenin as well as alkaloids, lysine, L-tryptophan and steroidal saponins. Studies suggest that fenugreek seed extract contains properties that can lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

FENFUROTM, a healthful supplement made from fenugreek extract, contains a rich variety of saponins and flavonoids, all substances known to lower blood lipid levels and a play valuable role in glucose regulation. FENFURO is a first of its kind product derived from a single herb with proven results for maintaining blood sugar levels. Patented and supported by scientific research, this product is non-toxic and processed without compromising the chemical properties of the active ingredient.

What’s an Indian kitchen without home remedies? Now, FENFURO has made obtaining the maximum benefits of Fenugreek extract quick and simple.   

While no amount of supplements can make up for a poor diet, consider adding a dietary supplement that will help you manage blood glucose.

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