Green Coffee



Coffee since ​many ​ years has been ​famous as ​the ​brown colored drink with appealing aroma and taste. You might find it strange to brew the green colored coffee beans to get your favorite beverage.

Green coffee beans have grabbed​ a lot of attention worldwide after the health benefits of these unroasted​ coffee​ beans​ were revealed​. These beans are the same coffee beans that you consume daily in ​beverage form​ but there is just one ​big ​difference – These beans are unroasted​,​ which make​s​ the components ​active in the​se​ beans to exert health benefits.


Green coffee beans are coffee beans in their unrefined form.

Coffee beans grow green initially and are rich in the vital health compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which is particularly responsible for weight loss and many other health benefits. These beans are roasted for commercial use where they turn brown and lose Chlorogenic Acids to large extent. Hence, from health perspective, it is much better to consume green coffee beans.Once you have found the green coffee beans of your choice, the next step is to concoct these beans into a healthy drink. Here are various methods of brewing your perfect cup of green coffee that you would love to sip for relaxation and to gain its beneficial properties.

Coffee beans are complex in nature. There are about 40 different substances responsible for the taste as well as health benefits of coffee. The brew would also undergo a change in its form when left standing for more than 15 minutes. You must therefore use the right method to get your perfect blend.



  • Always use the best quality coffee beans to get the best taste. You can also use the one grown by organic farming to get rid of the harmful effects of pesticides.
  • If you are allergic to coffee or have any tolerance issues then consult your medical practitioner before consuming this drink.

Grecobe, the Green Coffee is decaffeinated.


Brewing the green coffee beans

Ingredients (Serves 2)

• Green Coffee Beans (Arabica or Robusta) 20 g
• Hot water 300 ml or 2 cups
• Optional – honey or sugar

HOW TO MAKE GREEN COFFEE using green coffee bean powder

• Grind the green coffee beans in grinder to get a fine or coarse powder depending on our preference as well as the available appliance. Green coffee beans are unroasted beans, hence they are very hard to grind. You will require heavy grinder for this purpose.
• Divide this powder into two cups and pour hot water. Water should be hot but not boiling (about 90°C).
• Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes and then strain the mixture with fine sieve to get your drink ready to sip.
• You can add sugar or honey to this, if required, but for those looking for the health benefits; it is recommended to have it plain.

HOW TO MAKE GREEN COFFEE using whole green coffee beans

• Preparing coffee from whole beans is time consuming method; hence you may prepare this coffee in large batches. Soak the beans overnight in water. You may increase the quantity of water in same proportion as the beans.
• Boil the mixture of soaked beans and water on high flame. After one boil, simmer the mixture on low flame for 15 minutes. Give an occasional stir.
• Cool the mixture completely before sieving it to remove beans from the mixture.
• The mixture you are now having is concentrated to be consumed directly. You may add filtered or distilled water to dilute the mixture as per your taste.
• If you have prepared this in larger batch then you can store the rest in refrigerator to be used within 3 days.
• Add cardamom or other additives to bring out more taste to this health drink.
Whatever method you use to prepare the green coffee, make sure you take one cup before each meal for optimising the results.

TasteGreen coffee does not taste like conventional coffee made of roasted coffee beans. The beverage has a mild flavour and a neutral, slightly herbal taste. It’s not bitter like green tea.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Apart from using the green coffee beans or the powdered green beans, you can also use green coffee extract readily available in the market to avail the health benefits of green coffee beans without putting in all the efforts to prepare the fresh brew. Green coffee bean extract is the concentrated coffee powder where water content is minimal as it is either dried or evaporated through advanced processing.

The taste of green coffee beans is very much different from the roasted beans that you usually make. It has more neutral taste and very mild flavor.
Green coffee beans extract can be consumed either as a beverage or in the capsules form, both available in the market. Grecobe has recently been launched in the market as sachets. It is a pure green coffee bean extract in sachets and has no additives and excipients.

It is easy to take and is a taste paradise too.

Grecobe is also available in capsules form.


Here are some benefits of consuming Green Coffee:


1. Rich in anti-oxidants: Green coffee beans area rich source of antioxidants, which reduce the damaging effects of free radicals in our body and help improve our overall health.
2. Boosts metabolism: The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans is also known as a metabolism booster. It increases the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of the body to a great extent, which in turn minimizes excessive release of glucose from liver into blood.
3. Helps burn extra fat: It helps in maintaining the balanced levels of nutrients in our body. It speeds up the metabolism of our body so that it can burn out unwanted fat and calories faster.
4. Suppresses appetite: If you are suffering from frequent hunger pangs, then, green coffee can help the body to suppress appetite. It can control food cravings and help to avoid overeating.
5. Management of diabetes: These green beans are also capable of managing type 2 diabetes successfully. Their extract is known to lower high levels of blood sugar, while accelerating weight loss.
6. Reduces levels of bad cholesterol: Our cholesterol levels can be checked considerably with green coffee beans. Studies have shown that it can be managed by consuming green coffee beans extract regularly.
7. Helps improving blood circulation: High blood pressure can lead to several lethal diseases like stroke, heart failure, chronic renal failure, etc. But researchers have found the presence of a very active and powerful aspirin-like ingredient in green coffee beans that imposes a positive impact on our blood vessels by preventing blood platelets from getting clustered. As a result, our arteries don’t get thickened and the blood circulation throughout our body is improved to a great extent.


8. Reduces effect of free radicals: Chlorogenic acids present in green coffee beans can reduce the effects of free radicals in our body which slows down the ageing procedure and give us youthful skin.
9. Enhances immune system: These coffee beans are highly effective in enhancing our immune system. Due to the presence of potent free-radical busters, they can help our body remove all types of toxic and damaging elements. Consequently, we can get rid of dull and acne-prone skin.
10. Helps slowing down the appearance of signs of ageing: Green coffee beans are also known to retain high levels of volatile materials as they do not undergo the roasting process. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba), theophylline, epigallocatechin gallate, etc. Are some of such ingredients that can help to maintain skin health and avoid the appearance of wrinkles.
11. Helps moisturize skin:Green coffee beans are also rich in fatty acids and esters including arahidic acid, linoleic acid and oleic acid, which nourish and moisturize our skin to stop from sagging, discoloration and other severe damages.


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