Meals and Insulin Intake: Timing is everything
Meals and Insulin Intake: Timing is everything


Eating patterns differ hugely amongst different age groups. Nowadays, distinguishing between typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals has become difficult because snacking and skipping meals have become more prevalent. Such eating styles can have serious effects on cardio metabolic health markers like lipid profile, obesity, blood pressure, insulin resistance.


For diabetics, one of the biggest fitness health goals is to control blood sugar. A daily routine of when you take your meals and when you take your insulin will most likely affect your blood sugar. Thus, before moving forward, it is important to know what insulin is and how it works in our body?


How insulin works?

Insulin is a hormone secreted by our body which regulates the entry of nutrients into muscle cells and uses it as energy. It is usually secreted right after a meal when the bloodstream contains excess sugar. The food we eat is converted into glucose, which is a form of sugar. Insulin is then released from the pancreas to remove the glucose from our blood and store it in our cells.


If insulin levels are seldom elevated, the benefits you get from muscle growth won’t occur. And if you plan a higher carbohydrate intake at times when your body is well-equipped to handle it, insulin will be under control, and the body will function better.

Being a diabetic, when you’re new to insulin, there’s a bit to learn about how to use it: practicing how to inject properly, figuring out where to store, how to carry the pens, vials, and needles, remembering to rotate your injection sites is all very important. Besides this, there comes the toughest part – when to use insulin

and balance them with your carbohydrate intake.

Why is meal timing is so important?

The saying, ‘timing is everything’ is the golden rule here. Aligning your meals with your sleep-wake cycle and metabolic processes –will help your body function optimally and can lead to overall health improvement. Timing meals also lead to regulation of hormones, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, body weight and also improved sleep patterns.

When you exercise regularly, the body is prepped for fat loss and fat gain, just as it’s prepped for muscle loss and muscle gain during specific times of the day. Eating wrong foods at the wrong time can disrupt your efforts in the gym. The right foods at the right times elevate those efforts.

Checking your blood sugar with Fenfuro

Your meal timing, exercise and medication – all depends on your blood sugar level. Hence, the best practice is to test it regularly. Your doctor’s thoughts are also crucial in this because a lot will also depend on your diabetes type and how much insulin you’re taking.

Doctors across the world recommend Fenfuro to control blood sugar levels. It is a plant-based product derived from fenugreek seeds which helps in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels without any side effects. It also contains a rich variety of saponins and flavonoids which are known to stabilize glucose levels. The product is completely safe and has been approved by FSSAI. It is protected by 7 international patents and clinical studies.

Have a look at the awards and recognitions won by Fenfuro for their work in helping people check lifestyle diseases.



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