Low Testosterone Is Linked With Diabetes – But Which Is The Cause And Which Is The Symptom?
Low Testosterone Is Linked With Diabetes – But Which Is The Cause And Which Is The Symptom?

There is a direct link and it has been established. Diabetes and low testosterone are related.

And it is not just that men with diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone; it is most likely that men with low levels of the hormone are more prone to develop diabetes. The simple fact is that lower levels of androgenic hormones will make a man have vastly less energy to remain active and healthy with safe weight levels.

Obesity has a direct relationship with low levels of exercise, not just excessive eating disorders. Obesity from low activity is a consequence of low testosterone, and obesity is now well known to be the major cause of diabetes. So they are all a vicious circle of inter-connected health matters.

Diagnosis of low testosterone will like see the patient report that he has had much lesser energy to remain active and to exercise. He is most likely to report steady weight gain over the past few years. And unless he deals with his testosterone count – he is heading for some very complex and nasty health problems.

Because men with low hormonal counts are much more likely to be candidates for diabetes, preventative steps can be taken. Dealing with the deficiency will lead to greater activity, corresponding weight reductions and a complete avoidance of worst case diabetic conditions.

We know that Testosterone is one essential element of the body tissue’s take up of moreblood sugar as its normal response to insulin. And the research has shown that men withlow testosterone frequently have developed insulin resistance. This means that they need to produce higher levels of insulin to keep blood sugars within normal ranges.

Random testing demonstrates that as many as half of men with diabetes have low testosterone.

There is no definitive proof of what comes first – is it the testosterone problem creating thediabetes, or is it the diabetes causing the low T levels. Of course the research is ongoing, but one thing is clear. Studies show that testosterone replacement and boosting do improveblood sugar levels and reduce obesity in those men who were with previously low hormonal balances.

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