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How to Set Up a Daily Health Routine Habits for a Healthy

The normal well being of a person is decided through his/her daily routine. From morning till night, a person is involved in various activities such as physical, non-physical, eating habits, workouts, etc.

If you eat healthy and are continually involved in physical activity, you remain healthy. But if you eat unhealthy food with lack of physical activity, you attract diseases. So, it is better to plan your health routine to stay away from diseases.

Some of the points to be considered while planning health routine are given below.


  • You should wake-up early in the morning to streamline your perfect day. If you find it difficult to wake-up early, you can use alarm clocks, video alarms, etc and you can also have your windows facing sun, so that the sun rays can help you wake-up early.
  • After waking up, you should drink a glass of fresh water before brushing and bathing.
  • After this, you should do some physical activity. This physical activity is dependent upon your age group. The various types of physical activities which can be done in the morning involve morning walk, jogging in the park, rope skipping, running, cycling, meditation, yoga etc.
  • You should have a simple, healthy and nutritious breakfast. You should not eat fried, junk or fatty food in the morning. Try to eat as light food as possible in the morning such as cereals, oats, vegetable sandwiches, boiled eggs, juice / tea / coffee, etc to boost the metabolism.
  • Reach at your workstation on time and streamline your whole work to move the things smoothly. While going to workstation, try to prefer stairs instead of lift. If your workstation is on a comparatively distant floor of the building, then, you can go on stairs till some floors and then, lift and then, again stairs. It will increase your stamina step-by-step.
  • Have some tea or coffee during the day till afternoon.


  • Keep moving after some time during work, probably after an hour, to make the body physically active.
  • The lunch should be healthy It should include vegetables and breads with a healthy drink such as juice or warm water or lemon water, etc. It should not involve any junk food items.
  • During the afternoon, drink atleast 5-6 glasses of water.



  • Wrap up the work completely and neatly for tomorrow.
  • You can have some snacks with tea or coffee. The snacks should not be too fried or junk which can harm your body. If possible, try to have green tea or green coffee.
  • You should also include fruits in your diet to eat during the whole day.
  • You can also go for a walk after snacks.


  • Your eating patterns at night are very crucial. If you eat too much in dinner, it will make you difficult to sleep at night.
  • Always try to eat your dinner 1-2 hours before going to bed.
  • Eat less in the dinner as the body is on rest mode at night, during which the food metabolism process becomes slow. So, eat less and digest more.
  • You can have fruit chart including bananas, cherries, kiwi, etc, cereals, milk, vitamins rich spinach, etc.
  • Avoid eating some unhealthy food items at night such as fatty food items, spicy food items, caffeinated products and sugary products.
  • Go for a walk at night after dinner.
  • Go to bed early. This will also help you to wake-up early in the morning.

Always stay away from junk food items. If you crave for one, try to make it at home yourself.

These daily routines will help you make your body healthy and fit. Some of the above given points may vary for some age groups. So, be attentive and eat those food items, which can make you stronger.

Your health is in your hands. Make it or destroy it!


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