Easy Solution to PCOS Problems
Easy Solution to PCOS Problems
Easy Solution to PCOS Problems

Easy Solution to PCOS Problems.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a female problem caused because of imbalance in the sex hormone levels. This further causes prolonged delay in periods thereby making it difficult for women in becoming pregnant. Apart from causing fertility issues, PCOS is supposedly linked to causing long-term health risks in females. If left untreated for a prolonged period, it can cause diabetes and heart problems.


What is the reason for PCOS?

This condition is primarily caused when an imbalance occurs in the female hormones like Estrogen, which triggers ovulation. Females detected with this syndrome have a higher level of androgen (male hormone) in their system, which restricts the process of ovulation to happen smoothly. Thereby small and multiple cysts get formed in the ovaries, making it impossible to conceive.


What are the symptoms?

Increased levels of androgen triggerbalding, weight gain, hirsutism (excess of body and facial hair), acne and delayed periods. As per reports 1 in every 15 women are diagnosed with this condition, and the cases are becoming more common in present times. Other symptoms include an increase in blood insulin levels triggering diabetes.

What are the causes of PCOD?

It yet remains to decipher what are the actual causes of this condition and where does its root cause lie. Researchers are trying to decode the points which cause the emergence of multiple cysts on the ovaries of women. However, certain conditions, which are supposed to be the related to this condition, are enhanced levels of androgen.

As noted through research, a rise in the level of male hormones which is androgen is primarily linked with the disorder. This furthermore leads to excessive imbalance thus leading to reproductive problems, lipid abnormalities and also obesity. Women diagnosed with the ailment often face issues of hypertension, excess flab gain, heart risk, and diabetes.


What is the solution for tackling PCOS?

First and foremost, it is always better getting oneself checked in case of witnessing the above symptoms. If you find your periods irregular and if it is prolonged for more than 2 to 3 months even though you aren’t pregnant then it is recommended consulting your Specialist for PCOD. Though there is no complete remedy detected for the condition, some of the solutions for the issues are as follows:

  • Proper and balanced diet

Weight gain is a paramount issue faced by women diagnosed with PCOD. A healthy diet aids in modifying the state and lessening its effect. Having lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, linseeds and much more aid in balancing the hormones once again. These are rich in phytoestrogens, and normalize the level of Estrogen.

In addition, adding enough amount of fatty acids for managing blood sugar is deemed useful. Thus, the inclusion of fish, nuts, and seeds assist in the proper absorption of sugar in the bloodstream. Intake of fibre rich food aids in removing out the excess of toxins from the systems thereby lessening the issues of weight and triggering weight loss.


  • Reduction in weight in a healthy way

Reducing obesity doesn’t solely depend on managing an eating regime. Only a proper combination of diet and physical exercise will help in losing flab in a healthy manner. As the cases of PCOD is on a verge, more and more remedies are becoming common. Supplements like Furocyst assist in the process of losing excess of fats.

As per reports, intake of such supplements aids in bringing about positive results. They are formed by separating the active ingredients produced through plants without affecting the chemical composition a

nd properties of the product. Thus, a regular intake of this product leads to maintain the body mass and thereby reduce the effect of PCOS.

  • Indulging in regular physical training

The easiest way out as well as a solution of Polycystic Ovarian Disorder is indulging in regular exercise. Exercise helps in increasing the metabolism rate of the body which thereon increases absorption of blood sugar and burns fats. Increased metabolism decreases the level of fats in the body, raises the energy thereby normalizing the imbalance of hormones created in the body.

  • Avoidance of certain food

In addition, keeping a tab on diet through the intake of proper and healthy food curbing certain unwanted products and junk will further aid in reducing its effect. This includes complete avoidance of food products high in sugar which can aggravate insulin resistance in blood. Avoiding trans-fats, processed food comprising of hydrogenated fats as well as drinks like coffee and alcohol will aid in balancing chemicals necessary for ovulation.

PCOD is not a perennial problem which is devoid of a solution. Following a proper diet along with exercise will not only help in reducing its effect but also throw light in solving fertility issues.







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Easy Solution to PCOS Problems

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