Best treatment solutions for diabetes
Best treatment solutions for diabetes

Diabetes, nowadays, has become a common disorder of metabolism. Due to the changing lifestyle and food habits, many people are affected by diabetes. There are typically three types of diabetes.
Type 1- In which the body stops producing insulin and, in this condition, you need to take insulin for sugar uptake and turn it into energy. You need insulin regularly.
Type 2- In which the body is not able to use insulin properly. Therefore, you need to take regular insulin to control your sugar level. Type 2 diabetes is common among all.
Gestational diabetes occurs in women when they are pregnant and usually goes when the birth of a baby takes place.

You may have heard that diabetes has no cure. But it doesn’t mean you are not able to enjoy your life or have to suffer from this by sacrificing your eating habits. If you treat it properly, you can also enjoy your life as you want.
Always remember that every disease has a great impact on your health and diabetes is not a thing to take in a light manner, as you also have heard of cutting legs or thumb of a person because of high sugar level as it may be septic.
Here are some useful treatments so that you can get your diabetes in control and enjoy life without much thinking.

Diabetes treatment

Understand your diabetes

Before starting the treatment of diabetes, one must know the type of diabetes he/she has and then take the treatment accordingly.


ABC of diabetes

Talk to your doctor about managing your A1C, Blood pressure and Cholesterol. The A1C test measures the blood sugar level once every three months, and it is quite different from your regular sugar level test. This test gives you the idea of a spike of sugar which may harm your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, etc. It will also help you in checking the amount of insulin you need.
A blood pressure test is necessary for a diabetic patient to regularly check their blood pressure. For a diabetic patient, it remains 140/90. Further, increased sugar level may raise blood pressure, which in turn, affects the heart functioning and may lead to stroke.

A cholesterol test, LDL and HDL are two cholesterol tests where LDL stands for bad cholesterol and DHL for good.

Insulin treatment

Regular intake of insulin is necessary for diabetic patients to maintain sugar uptake and function normally. Basic insulin treatment is given to control the blood sugar level in the blood. Depending upon the type of diabetes, the insulin given to a patient may be of rapid action, short-acting or mixed to control frequent spikes of sugar level.

Have a healthy diet and remain active

A diabetic patient has to consume a healthy diet rich in protein, less carbohydrates and healthy fat, and include omega 3 fatty acids. A healthy diet is the key to living a healthy life for a diabetic patient. It helps you in controlling sugar levels and also helps you in fighting against diabetes.

Apart from a healthy diet, a diabetic patient needs to exercise daily to make him, energized for daily activities and also helps in managing their body weight. Exercising also contributes to converting sugar into energy, and thereby controls blood sugar levels.
This will be the best treatment solution for a diabetic patient to treat their diabetes in the right way. Regular intake of medicine, maintaining a daily diet, regular check-ups and active lifestyle will help you in fighting with this disease in a better way. Also, it will help you in controlling your sugar level.

Remember there may be many reasons for having diabetes; it may be genetic, or it may occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. But, you need to focus on the above-mentioned points to live a healthy life.

Fenfuro is extracted from fenugreek seeds with a 100% natural extracting process consisting of a group of saponins and flavonoids, which help you in maintaining a healthy blood glucose level. Research has been done in AIIMS on 100 patients and gives good results in maintaining their blood sugar level. It has no side effects and is clinically proven as the best for maintaining blood glucose level. It is also supported by 7 international patents.

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