• ANTIOXIDANT: We have all heard this word, we even know that the more we eat, the better off we are. Does anyone know why?  Is it okay of I shed a little light? I am not a scientist and may not explain with perfect exactness, but I will try to simplify. Knowing this information will empower you and help encourage the desire to consume better foods.


    Let’s start by looking at The Statue Of Liberty. She came to us as a beautiful shiny copper statue. Over the years, oxidation caused the statue to loses it shine and become a beautiful blue-green color. No complaints here! This example helps us understand the power of oxidation. The same thing that occurred to The Statue of Liberty, occurs in our cells. When there are too many toxins in our body and not enough antioxidants to combat them, our cells become damaged. Damaged  cells lead to an increase risk of many disease, including cancer, diabetes,and  heart disease. Antioxidants protect our cells, they are our little army guys taking the hit and becoming oxidized so our cells can remain healthy. Consuming antioxidant rich foods, not supplements, has proven to be very effective in lowering risks of disease and also helps slow the aging process. If we can keep our cells healthy and alive as they continue to replenish we increase our health and longevity.



       After comparing many lists and reading quite a few articles, I have compiled my top ten powerful antioxidant rich foods list. These are foods I like to consume, there are many powerful fruits, veggies, and legumes that contain large amounts of antioxidant powers. If you are filling your plates with a lot of colorful produce you are doing great! 


    1. Blueberries

    2. Red Kidney Beans (surprised? I was!)


    4. Kale and spinach (leafy greens!)

    5. Pinto Beans

    6. Strawberries

    7. Apple (granny smith or red delish)

    8. Brussels Sprouts

    9. Broccoli

    10. Red Bell Peppers


    If some of these foods are not your favorites or you haven’t tried them out yet, no time like the present! 

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