A Casino Jackpot Helped A Woman Afford PCOS Treatment
A Casino Jackpot Helped A Woman Afford PCOS Treatment

Recently, the number of women and girls who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is growing in the world, with a special mention for western and modern countries.

The main causes for PCOS may be several and they may include sudden life style changes or a metabolic derangement. The latter is possibly the worst aspect when dealing with PCOS, because treatment and management may easily be expensive for patients: pharmacologic treatments and medications have a high cost in certain edges of the world. As a consequence, some patients wait until they can save enough money for such medical treatments, even though this may mean to have to face physical collateral effects.

A Woman Tried Casino Games And She Won Big

It may sound a little bit weird, but in certain cases affording PCOS treatments is really over one’s financial conditions, like in the case of a woman who thought to go to Las Vegas as her last hope.

She wasn’t really an expert gambler and she probably was in the full of her desperation, non being able to afford the PCOS treatments she needed. Unexpectedly, she won big overnight playing new pokie machine games and she could begin a PCOS treatment process to heal from her disease.

It’s certainly a happy-end story which may give new hope to women who are waiting for better financial conditions. The bottom line is that pokie machines are way more advantageous than classic slot machines.

Difference Between Australian Pokies And SlotsSlot machines

For many people out there pokies and slots are just very similar games. Actually, there are very slight differences between these two types of games, mostly consisting in odds of winnings, rather than in game style or options.

  • Pokies and slots are 100% the same game. The name Australian people gave their own slots is pokie, which is the shortened form for “poker machine”, which was the most played type of slot machine
  • Most relevant differences between American slots and Australian pokies consist in the odds of winning prizes, that look more advantageous with pokies
  • Australian pokies are today played and known by all gamblers in the world, since Australian pokies are commonly exported Down Under

Pokie In The Australian Casino Tradition

Normally, pokie games are differently themed so that each player can easily choose and find their own favorite themed game. This makes the pokie experience even more appealing for both beginners and expert players.

If you follow the link you will land to an important Australian casino guide, called Australia Casino. on Australia Casino you can see many virtual casinos that offer extremely refined and advanced pokie games, along with roulettes of all types, an endless number of card games and, of course, the most amazing slots.

Free Pokie Games On Australia Casino

If you are a beginner and you want to try a pokie game, don’t hesitate to use the free game versions you can find on most of the featured casinos: playing a free game is an excellent choice for getting started with a new type of game or for becoming more and more skilled until you feel you are ready to play for real money.

Australia Casino offers the best security level to registered members who decide to play for real money: all financial transactions are verified and protected by the SSL security system.

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