PCOS Ayurvedic Treatment in Mumbai

Mumbai is the biggest city in India and is the city where a lot of women are suffering from PCOS.

Women with PCOS are frustrated.

They want answers which they deserve, but aren’t getting any.

Most of all, women with PCOS need help and support, which the PCOS Ayurvedic Treatment in Mumbai will provide.

Most of the women around the world are not aware about, what PCOS is? And how to manage it, and its effects on the female body.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is considered one of the most common endocrine dysfunctions in women of reproductive age causing menstrual and fertility issues, as well as metabolic, cardiovascular and reproductive risks. And if not addressed with food, nutrient and lifestyle modifications, the associated symptoms carry on well into menopause and can become life-threatening.

Hormonal imbalance is a common endocrine system dysfunction in women of adolescence age, reproductive age,or menopausal age. According to doctors ,contraceptive pills and hormone therapy are the only solution to treat this disorder but actually there is no cure for this disease. But there are still other ways to manage it and reduce it so you can live your life happily. So many new innovations are there in the market.We should at least give them a try, to have a chance to fight it.


A  hormone called progesterone gets really low when a women is suffering from PCOS. Progesterone is a hormone created by the ovaries during ovulation. Progesterone plays a vital role in pregnancy and regulating the menstrual cycle of a women. If your progesterone levels drop, then it is called progesterone dip, which results in miscarriages during early pregnancy and premature birth during late pregnancy. High levels during early pregnancy can result in ovarian cancer or cysts in the ovaries.


 A common misconception is that you need to take hormones to treat a hormonal imbalances. A hormone cannot treat a hormonal imbalance, even if the hormone is deficient. This is because hormones are only messengers and the real imbalance exists at a higher level. There are other types of allopathic medicines which are prescribed by doctors, but have side effects.


A collaboration between Indian and American scientists was conducted to determine the effectiveness of fenugreek seed extract (patented as Furocyst) on the reduction of ovarian volume and the number of ovarian cysts.

The study found that 46% of study subjects showed reduction in cyst size,

 while 36% of subjects showed complete dissolution of cyst. Additionally, 71% of subjects reported the return of regular menstrual cycle on completion of the treatment, and 12% of subjects subsequently became pregnant. Overall, 94% of patients benefited from the regime.


Furocyst is a PCOS Ayurvedic Treatment in Mumbai, which is an all natural scientifically formulated supplement that supports your body by delivering the high-quality nutrients you need to defeat PCOS symptoms and repair PCOS damage.

It disrupts hormones that cause unwanted hair growth and acne, it also support hormones that enhance menstrual regularity

It gets to the root cause of your PCOS symptoms by improving insulin sensitivity

Enjoy more energy for your new active lifestyle


Traditional herbs and science together can make a substantial change in the medical world.

“All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.”


Herbs work because their healing properties can be readily absorbed and used by our bodies as foods as well as specifics for disease when used in the proper way

It’s  not easy to give up, and walk away from PCOS.