PCOS Symptoms

What is lean PCOS?


What is Lean PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that occurs in women. Women also produce some male hormones called androgen. In cases where this hormone is secreted in higher levels, it disrupts or prevents periods in women leading to fertility problems, depression, etc. Sometimes, one may not realize that one is suffering from PCOS. It can be of many types depending on its cause but is generally termed as PCOS. Lean PCOS is a type of PCOS where women suffering from PCOS are lean or normal weight.

This is in contrast to most women with PCOS who are overweight. Lean PCOS can easily go undiagnosed at early stages as compared to PCOS among women who are overweight.

What are the symptoms of Lean PCOS?

  •  Excessive hair growth, heavy bleeding during periods, irregular periods, depression, etc.
  •  Most women with lean PCOS are insulin resistant, which means insulin may become ineffective.
  •  One of the studies also says that normal-weight women may have lowered good cholesterol levels and higher levels of bad cholesterol.
  •  The emotional health of a woman with lean PCOS is also affected. It is seen that these women have a possibility of being more anxious which may further aggravate hormonal disturbances.
  •  Another problem that women with lean PCOS face are that they may feel more hungry than others due to higher levels of plasma called ghrelin.

If you suffer any of the symptoms, a consultation with a gynecologist and endocrinologist is a must. The following process can diagnose lean PCOS-

  • Blood tests to check hormone levels, blood sugar, and lipid test.
  • The physician might ask questions related to your health and the menstrual cycle.
  • A pelvic ultrasound can clearly diagnose PCOS.


PCOS treatment includes the usage of oral drugs and injections apart from a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Some of the medicines normally administered are –

  •     Birth control pills to regulate the menstrual cycle
  •     Glucophage, which is a diabetes drug, reduces insulin resistance and improves menstrual regularity
  •     Fertility drugs to improve the quality of ovulation
  •     Drugs that treat insulin resistance
  •     Medications to reduce food cravings and weight

Always Consult your doctor whenever these medicines are used. Most of these treatments are long term with less assurance of the problem completely control or cured.

A healthy diet that includes fresh juicy fruits, beans, legumes, high fiber vegetables, fish, lean chicken, etc can be included in the diet. Nuts, green tea, green coffee, and flaxseeds are good for women with PCOS. One should avoid dairy milk products, packaged food, potato chips, etc. 

Doctors recommend a healthy lifestyle and sound sleep to manage PCOS. Hence, natural treatments are better to treat PCOS can be of great help.

Fenugreek can work wonders for the treatment of this disease as it reduces cyst size and ovary volume considerably. It also regularizes menstrual cycles and improves fertility.

Wondering how to avail the benefits of fenugreek? 

FUROCYST is a health supplement that has a single herb extract of fenugreek. Furocyst can be availed in the form of 60 capsules or 120 capsules per bottle and is safe. Being a plant extract, it is no side effects and is clinically prove to work for around 150 patients on whom it test. Further research on this clinical product is going on inpatients in the reputed PGI. Furocyst could prove to be instrumental in the natural treatment of PCOS as research on it has been published and testified by many foreign journals. If you are looking for safe and painless treatment of PCOS, why not go for Furocyst![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]