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For an overweight person, whether male or female, weight loss is a prime and major target. It is assumed that if an overweight person loses body weight, he/she can say goodbye to many of the complications of this disease. Moreover, the medications work more effectively in that situation.

In most of the cases, lack of physical activity and bad eating habits cause obesity. For losing body weight, these two factors are most difficult to achieve for an overweight person. Some people still reach the target by controlling their hunger and by involving in physical activities like regular exercise. But some overweight people complain of not achieving targets even after eating healthy food.

Following are some of the reasons due to which people can’t achieve weight loss even by eating healthy food:

  • Eating healthy food, but in excess quantity

If a person avoids junk food to lose body weight and eats healthy food in replacement, then also it is not always true that he/she would lose body weight. This is due to the amount of food intake. As the state of hunger of overweight people is more, they automatically eat food in excess, whether healthy or junk.

Whether you take healthy food, it is mandatory to eat in right amount. Dieticians recommend eating a meal according to the portion size. Generally, the portion size is decided according to the body weight, body composition, age, height, etc. Then, the size of vegetables, drinks, grains, etc is recommended according to the plate.

If you don’t have knowledge about portion sizes then, you can go by the  simple rules.

  • Try to keep a smaller plate and smaller bowl as compared to the size you were using previously.
  • Never ever fill the plate full with food.
  • Divide the portions of the plate with each type of food item.
  • You can eat several times in a day but always try to eat less at a time.

Eating food on the basis of portion size will eventually lead to weight loss, if kept constant.

  • Eating healthy food, but choose the food wisely

There is a vast variety of healthy foods. But it is decided according to the body composition of the person whether a food item is healthy for him/her or not. There might be a chance that a food item is healthy for one person but unhealthy for the other.

For example, fruit intake is a part of healthy food choices but for a diabetic person, the choice for fruit is difficult due to the presence of carbohydrates. Similar case goes during weight loss.

You might be eating healthy food items but you should choose the food items wisely according to your body which will not accumulate as fat inside your body as well as which food items can be digested easily. Food items should be chosen on the basis of their calories content, fat content, etc and should be able to provide you the sufficient nutrient, which your body requires.

So, study the food item for your body before purchasing and eating and then, incorporate it into your regular diet.

  • Eating healthy food, but no physical activity

Many people try to lose body weight only by eating healthy food. But it is important to notice that if you are digesting your food accurately, only then you can lose body weight. Accurate digestion of food items goes with regular physical activity.

It is very well known that physical activity or exercise plays an important role in weight loss. When you combine healthy eating with regular exercise, you will see the results very soon. More the healthy food you eat, more the exercise you will do, more the food digestion will take place and more the body weight you will lose.

This goes like a cycle. So, make yourself habitual to regular exercise. Try walking, jogging or running daily. You can also do cycling along with weight training, which will help to shed body mass to convert it to healthy muscles.

  • Eating healthy food, but binge eating (specially dieters)

It has been seen that people also diet to lose body weight or to maintain their body weight at a specific point. Sometimes, dieting becomes the only reason for weight gain because after skipping a meal or two as dieting, as the next meal you eat, you eat it like you have never eaten food for days, even if you are eating healthy food items.

This period of binge eating (uncontrollable eating) leads to poor food digestion, which ultimately leads to fat deposits inside the body and then, weight gain. As discussed above, portion sizes need to be reduced to ease proper digestion, so, it is better to eat less at a time than dieting with binge eating healthy food.

  • Eating healthy food, but you might not be sleeping well

Sound sleep is necessary for proper bodily functions. Sleep also helps in digestion by managing eating patterns and functioning of fat cells. It is advised that 7-9 hours of sleep is must for an adult person to do day-to-day activities properly.

When you don’t sleep enough, you crave for more food and your fat cells become unable to digest the over-consumed food, leading to the increase in body weight. Under such situation, it doesn’t matter whether you eat healthy food. When you are consuming food out of uncontrollable feeling of eating, you obviously gain your body weight.

So, always take enough sleep to maintain your body weight and your health too. You will see the difference when you will regularly start taking sound sleep.

So, these were some of the reasons that might be behind the cause of not losing body weight even after eating healthy. Only healthy food can’t help you with weight loss. It obviously makes the way easy towards weight loss but it alone cannot complete your weight loss journey. So, consider these points and you will see the results on your own.