10 Healthy Portable Sacks

When a person goes outside home for work or picnic or gyming etc, the food-cravings takes the person to go for the most convenient option to eat, and most preferred is junk food. Eating junk food obviously causes health problems. It is better to have other food choices which are healthy for the body and can be prepared at home.10 High Protein Snacks

Healthy and portable snacks should be the primary option for a person while going outside the home. The snacks should have opted on the basis of their nutrition, quality (in terms of taste as well as hygiene), sufficient quantity to make stomach full and snack which do not require refrigeration. Some of those easy to make healthy and portable snacks chosen by persons of every age group are:


The nutritional profile of dry fruits is very well known. They are a good option as a healthy as well as a portable snack. If you crave for sweet and bit-salty food, they nourish you well with their qualities. It takes no hard work for dry fruits to be prepared or to be carried outside. They are very easy to store. Dry fruits are of the good nutritional value as they are full of protein, fiber (makes you feel full) and healthy fat (provides you energy).


Eggs contain an ample amount of nutrition-rich compounds for the body and hard-boiled eggs are a perfect form of eggs to be carried with you outside. It might be small but it provides essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin E and folate. They properly fuel your body and help to control the hunger.


Roasted grams or salted chickpeas are good options as a healthy snack to control craving. They are easy to make and easy to carry food option. Roasted grams are a full-fledged composition of minerals, vitamins, and protein which is why they are considered in healthy foods. They are a preferred option for diabetic persons as they help to control blood sugar.


While going outside, it is recommended to keep a water bottle. Coconut water is a good replacement for water which can cope-up with dehydration and it also provides coolness for the body. Another recommendation under consumption of liquids is fruit juices. Fruit juices are very well known for their nutritional quality and they are also easy to be carried.

Tea bags & coffee sachets are also easy to be carried outside. Many people keep tea bags and coffee sachets in their bags to be consumed under requirement because of their easy usage. A new addition to coffee is Grecobe which is very popular and easy to be carried along outside.



Trail mix is a mixture of snacks including dry fruits, sweets, and nuts, etc which provide great relief to the body during food cravings. It is a lightweight, easy to prepare, easy to store and nutritious snack. It is regarded as a quick energy booster for the body.


Oatmeal is made from oat grains which are easily available in the market in the form of packets. It is a highly consumed snack even during breakfast due to its nutritional quality. They are specifically helpful to lower bad cholesterol levels from the body. Oatmeal contains dietary fiber, carbohydrates, required fat & minerals. It is a perfect blend to be carried as a healthy and tasty snack.


Most recommended fruits to be carried outside are apple, banana, and berries due to their easy portability and nutritional facts. Apple is highly recommended by doctors as it keeps a person away from diseases. It also controls hunger while doing activities. On the other hand, banana is also a good option. It is easy to carry, store and eat. Berries are carried by many people while touring outside. They are most easy to consume and digest. They provide high nutrition and energy to the body. They also help to deal with hunger.


Whole-wheat muffins or cupcakes are one of the choices under baked food product to be carried outside. They make you feel full due to their rich nutrients. Their preparation needs little hard work and can be differently made for diabetic as well as non-diabetic persons at home.


Protein-rich bars are chocolate-shaped bars which are prepared from fruits, nuts, and dry fruits. They are rich in proteins, fiber and healthy fats which greatly help to deal with hunger and make you feel full. They greatly fuel you up before and after a workout. They are available in the market and they can also be prepared at home with the help of honey and peanut butter.



Sandwiches are most preferred by people, especially children, while on vacation. They are so loving due to their taste and their quality to make you feel full. Their best quality is that you can make these at home according to the flavor you want to add and of high nutritional value. For example, the vegetable sandwich is full of green and boiled vegetables which are necessary for providing energy to the body. According to their ingredients, they contain vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, etc.